Thomas Tuchel desires a strong response from Bayern Munich when they face Manchester United following their significant loss in the Bundesliga.

In Frankfurt, Germany, Thomas Tuchel, the manager of Bayern Munich, has expressed his frustration regarding his team’s significant loss against Eintracht Frankfurt. In anticipation of their upcoming Champions League match against Manchester United, Tuchel emphasized the high number of ball losses by his team, which he considers a major concern.

Tuchel spoke to TNT Sports, stating, “We have just suffered our first defeat in the Bundesliga, thereby losing our unbeaten record. The extent of this defeat is quite significant, and it is not easily explainable why it occurred. Now, our focus is on responding to this setback. This is the essence of the situation – to demonstrate a reaction following a loss. We aim to seize this opportunity tomorrow.” Tuchel provided an explanation stating that the team’s analysis uncovered a staggering 22 instances of losing possession, a number he considered to be unacceptably high. He stressed that elite teams should strive for a minimal amount of ball losses, aiming for a figure below 10 ideally. Tuchel further conveyed his dissatisfaction with the team’s response following these errors, mentioning that they had the potential to prevent all of the initial four goals.

When questioned about resolving these problems within a limited timeframe due to an upcoming match, the Bayern Munich manager was inquired about potential solutions. Tuchel’s response was straightforward, stating that the circumstances always vary, but having nine days to prepare for a match due to a game being suspended because of snow is extremely unsatisfactory. This falls short of his own expectations and those of the fans, as well as the high standards set by Bayern Munich.

Although the group is already secured, Tuchel hinted that he won’t give players a rest as a result of the break caused by the cancellation of the game against Union Berlin. Bayern Munich will have a sufficient break before their upcoming encounter with Manchester United, as their next match in the Bundesliga is scheduled for the late game on Sunday. This will grant them ample time for recuperation.

To catch the Manchester United versus Bayern Munich match, viewers can tune in to TNT Sports 1 and TNT Sports Ultimate. The broadcast will commence at 19:00 UK time on Tuesday, December 12. Subscriptions to TNT Sports can be obtained through various platforms such as discovery+, BT, EE, Sky, and Virgin Media.

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