Arsenal’s Oleksandr Zinchenko attributes his hybrid role to the influence of Philipp Lahm, a renowned figure in German football, whom he considers a significant source of inspiration.

Oleksandr Zinchenko, a prominent player for Arsenal, has openly praised Philipp Lahm, a renowned German football icon, attributing him as the driving force behind his adoption of a unique midfield role. Zinchenko, among several other players, has been assigned the position of an “inverted full-back,” seamlessly transitioning into midfield, despite originally being positioned as a full-back.

During a special interview with TNT Sports, prior to Arsenal’s Champions League match against his previous team PSV, Zinchenko modestly played down his own influence on the team. When asked about his position on the field and its distinctiveness, he modestly replied, “My main objective is to support my team to the best of my abilities, no matter the role I am assigned.”

Zinchenko expanded on his adaptability, affirming, “People often inquire about my preferred position, whether it be in midfield, defense, or as a left-back. I am content to play wherever the manager deems suitable and lend a helping hand to the team.” In addition, the midfielder from Ukraine highlighted the value of making sacrifices for the overall benefit of the team. Recognizing the importance of prioritizing the team’s interests over personal choices, Zinchenko’s commitment and flexibility have proven to be advantageous qualities for Arsenal.

As Arsenal gets ready for their crucial Champions League match, Zinchenko’s ability to adapt and unwavering dedication to the team’s triumph will undoubtedly have a significant impact. Fans can witness all the thrilling moments live on TNT Sports and discovery+.

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