The latest Premier League match between Arsenal and West Ham United focuses on Mikel Arteta’s team aiming to reclaim their position at the top of the table by securing a victory in the London derby.

In an interview, West Ham manager David Moyes expressed his delight for Declan Rice, who recently left the club to join another team. Despite facing Rice’s new team on Thursday evening, Moyes stated that they will always support him.

Moyes has always been a firm believer in Rice’s talent and even believed that his market value could have been higher. However, both parties were satisfied with the transfer deal, as West Ham received the desired price and Rice got the move he desired.

The manager also praised Rice’s impact on any team he joins, stating that he has the ability to make any team more mature and improve their performance in the Premier League. Moyes believes that Rice’s presence has contributed to the current success of his new team.

From West Ham’s perspective, Moyes acknowledged the need to move forward and rebuild the team. They had to search for new players who could assist them, and Moyes believes they have done a commendable job in this regard. This process has made the team stronger and helped them grow.

Overall, Moyes expressed his happiness for Rice’s success while emphasizing the importance of West Ham’s own progress and development.

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