Jill Roord, the midfielder of Manchester City, is eagerly embracing the role of the underdog in the Women’s Super League title competition.

Pep Guardiola conveyed his disappointment by stating that their team lacks consistency, after Manchester City let go of a two-goal advantage. The manager’s dissatisfaction was clearly visible as City relinquished a commanding position.

In the Women’s Super League, Jill Roord from Manchester City embraces the role of underdogs amidst the escalating title race before the winter break. With only three points separating Chelsea, City, and Arsenal at the summit of the table, Roord’s team stays in the running after an impressive 4-1 triumph over Everton. In an interview with BBC Sport, Roord confidently mentioned that she doesn’t give much importance to others’ opinions and if they consider her team as the weaker side, she has no concerns about it. She emphasized the need to concentrate solely on their own performance and stated that their recent victory against Everton has put them in a favorable position. According to Roord, anything can happen in the second half of the season.

As a Dutch national player, Roord expressed her strong aspirations to win championships and cups, particularly with Manchester City. She acknowledged the competitiveness of English football and firmly believes that her team possesses the necessary qualities to achieve success. The midfielder expresses satisfaction with the advancements achieved in the ongoing season and recognizes the growing level of competitiveness in the league.

Gareth Taylor’s team encountered an unforeseen obstacle when they faced an astonishing 1-0 loss against Brighton at their home ground, courtesy of ex-City striker Lee Geum-min. Nevertheless, Roord remains pleased with her experience at Manchester City, commending the team’s style of play, the league, and the caliber of opponents. She acknowledges that there is constant scope for improvement but feels established and at ease while implementing her own playing style. Although most attention is focused on the top three title contenders, Manchester United and Liverpool are also strong competitors, especially against Arsenal and City. Roord recognizes the progress of women’s football, emphasizing that the title race is no longer limited to Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester City. Every week brings difficult challenges, marking a significant difference from past seasons.

This season, Manchester United, known for their high standards, have struggled, giving Liverpool the opportunity to catch up with them. Liverpool achieved an impressive 2-1 win against United in the WSL, their first ever, giving them a slim chance of breaking into the top three. The competition at the lower end of the standings is just as gripping, as Bristol City, currently at the very bottom of the table, are merely four points behind Aston Villa, who hold the ninth position. This creates an exhilarating atmosphere for the beginning of 2024, as all the teams are enthusiastic about leaving their impact on the league.

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