Italy 5-2 North Macedonia: Chiesa’s Double Boosts Euro 2024 Qualification Hopes

In a captivating Euro 2024 qualifying match at Rome’s Olympic Stadium, Italy triumphed over a determined North Macedonia team thanks to the heroics of Federico Chiesa. Despite needing only a draw to secure their place in the finals, the Azzurri were given a fright by the same nation that eliminated them from the 2022 World Cup.

Chiesa, the talented forward from Juventus, exhibited his exceptional skills by scoring two goals in the final minutes of the first half. His powerful shot from beyond the penalty area and a deflected attempt propelled Italy to a commanding 3-0 advantage. The crowd at the crowded Stadio Olimpico exploded with joy as Chiesa’s goals appeared to secure the win for Luciano Spalletti’s team.

Nevertheless, North Macedonia had different intentions. Substitute Jani Atanasov’s header in the 52nd minute injected fresh energy into his team, sparking hopes of an impressive comeback. The confidence of the visiting team soared even higher when Atanasov’s optimistic shot took a fortunate bounce and ended up in the back of the net in the 74th minute.

Italy, now facing a tense ending, successfully regained dominance over the game. Lorenzo Insigne and Nicolo Barella’s goals sealed a 5-2 triumph for the European champions. Italy’s focus will now shift to their last group game against Ukraine, where a draw will guarantee their spot in the finals as Group C’s second-place team behind England.

Although Italy had a moment of concern, they can be proud of their display, particularly Chiesa, whose two goals played a vital role in securing the victory. The Azzurri will be determined to sustain their current momentum as they strive to make a formidable impression in the Euro 2024 finals in Germany.

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