Emma Hayes Puts Pochettino on Hold to Speak with ‘Legend’ Sir Alex Ferguson about US Head Coach Job

Emma Hayes, the head coach of Chelsea, recently shared that she had to postpone her conversation with Mauricio Pochettino in order to speak with Sir Alex Ferguson after accepting the position of head coach for the US Women’s team. Hayes clarified that Ferguson reached out to her to provide some valuable advice while she was already engaged in a discussion with Pochettino, who is the men’s head coach at Chelsea. “We had a conversation last week, he called me, but at that time, I was already in the midst of a conversation with Poch (Pochettino), so I was undecided,” Hayes explained. Regrettably, I had to ask Poch to wait. There are not many individuals for whom you would make Poch wait, but I specifically mentioned to him that it was Sir Alex.

Hayes proceeded to express her deep admiration for Ferguson, affirming, “He occasionally gives me a call, so I wasn’t surprised. Whatever he says to me, I always receive it with immense pride. He is an iconic figure in the sport and someone whose viewpoint I highly regard. Furthermore, he has a great fondness for America. We discussed this topic briefly, along with aspects of his legacy and departing at the pinnacle. Thus, I received wise counsel from him. I am certain that this won’t be the final phone call I receive from him this season.” Since joining Chelsea in 2012, Hayes has experienced immense success, clinching six Women’s Super League titles, five FA Cups, and two League Cups. Nevertheless, she has not yet managed to secure the UEFA Champions League trophy. Hayes describes her move to become the highest-paid coach in women’s football with the USA women’s squad as a “dream come true.”

Hayes expressed her gratitude, stating, “It is a tremendous privilege to have been given the opportunity to lead the most remarkable team in the history of global football. The emotions and bond I share with this team and country are profound. Coaching the USA has been a long-held aspiration of mine, so being granted this chance is truly a dream fulfilled. I am fully aware that there is work to be done in order to consistently achieve our objectives of triumphing at the highest echelons. Accomplishing this will demand unwavering commitment, loyalty, and teamwork from the players, staff, and everyone associated with the US Soccer Federation.”

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