Following an incident where Faruk Koca, the president of MKE Ankaragucu club, physically assaulted referee Halil Umut Meler, the Turkish leagues have been temporarily halted.

After a disturbing event occurred during a football match in Turkey, the sport has abruptly come to a stop. The president of MKE Ankaragucu, Faruk Koca, forcefully entered the field and violently assaulted referee Halil Umut Meler, following his team’s late goal that resulted in a tie against Caykur Rizespor. Koca punched the referee, causing him to fall to the ground, and others joined in by kicking him, leaving him in a vulnerable condition.

The Turkish Football Federation promptly denounced this act as “inhumane and reprehensible,” stressing that it was not only an assault on the referee but also an attack on all individuals involved in Turkish Football. They showed their worry for Meler’s health and hoped for his quick healing. The Federation also highlighted that the reckless remarks made by club leaders, managers, coaches, and TV analysts aiming at referees had played a part in this despicable assault.

In retaliation to this atrocious deed, the Turkish Football Federation, in collaboration with the government, has commenced legal actions against those accountable and the individuals who incited the attack. The involved club, along with its president, managers, and all the perpetrators of the assault, will be met with harsh penalties. Due to the decision made by the Board of Directors of the Turkish Football Federation, all matches in all leagues have been indefinitely postponed.

Halil Umut Meler, an esteemed referee in Turkey, has presided over three Champions League matches during this season. As a consequence of the assault, he was promptly transported to the hospital. Dr. Mehmet Yorubulut, the head physician, has given an update on Meler’s state, assuring that there is no imminent danger to his life. Nevertheless, he has experienced hemorrhaging near his left eye and a minor fracture. Before being released from the hospital, Meler will be under close observation for any signs of head injury and will undergo additional tests in the morning.

Faruk Koca, the club president accountable for the assault, is currently being treated in the hospital while being monitored by security forces. Furthermore, individuals involved in the incident have been apprehended. The severity of the situation has led President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey to denounce the attack and express his hopes for Meler’s quick recuperation. Erdogan stressed the importance of sports being a means to foster peace and unity, emphasizing that violence has no place within Turkish sports. MKE Ankaragucu Sports Club has expressed remorse for the incident and conveyed their deep sorrow regarding the unfolding events. They have offered their apologies to the Turkish football audience and the entire sports community for the regrettable occurrence at Eryaman Stadium following the Caykur Rizespor game.

The world of football is in a state of shock and incredulity as Turkey navigates through the consequences of this abhorrent assault. The decision to halt all football matches serves as a clear indication that violence has no room in the captivating realm of the sport.

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