Cole Palmer: Moving to Chelsea from Man City ‘Pays Off’ with England Call-Up

Palmer is convinced that his decision to leave Manchester City for Chelsea has been justified, given his recent inclusion in the England squad. The 21-year-old opted for the move, which cost £40 million, due to his limited opportunities to play at his childhood club. Despite Chelsea’s unimpressive beginning to the season, Palmer has stood out by netting four goals in the league across eight matches, including a vital equalizer against City. With only seven starting appearances for City in the previous season, Palmer believed that a transfer was essential to ensure regular playing time. Palmer contemplated his decision, acknowledging the swiftness of it all. Engaging in conversations with a representative from Chelsea and conferring with his father, he found himself uncertain about the best course of action. For several days, his mind was consumed with thoughts about it, occupying his every waking moment. Ultimately, he concluded that prioritizing his career and personal growth necessitated taking a leap and seeking consistent opportunities to showcase his skills.

Relocating to Chelsea marked a pivotal milestone for Palmer, as he had never ventured far from Manchester previously. Nevertheless, he has adapted comfortably and is relishing his experience at Stamford Bridge. Palmer conveyed his appreciation to Pep Guardiola, who provided him with the chance to initiate his career at City, but he is convinced that his choice to join Chelsea has been the correct one thus far.

Additionally, Palmer acknowledged the contribution of Mauricio Pochettino, the manager of Chelsea, for his impressive performance in the early part of the season and the support he has received to showcase his skills on the field. Anticipating his inclusion in the England squad, Palmer disclosed that he received the news promptly after scoring the equalizing goal against City. He is filled with anticipation and eager to have a significant influence by creating opportunities and scoring goals for his national team. In light of England’s successful qualification for Euro 2024, manager Gareth Southgate will have the chance to explore different options, and Palmer, who previously triumphed in the U21 Euros with England, is enthusiastic about leaving a lasting impression. He is thrilled to join his teammates from Manchester City and is particularly excited about attending the initial training camp alongside his friend Rico Lewis.

On the whole, Palmer is extremely pleased with his decision to join Chelsea and firmly believes that it has already proved beneficial, both in terms of his performances for the club and his inclusion in the England squad.

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