Emma Hayes to Lead US Women’s Team after WSL Season with Chelsea

Emma Hayes, the highly regarded coach of Chelsea Football Club, has been selected to take charge of the United States women’s national team. This thrilling announcement coincides with Hayes’ impending departure from Chelsea at the conclusion of the ongoing Women’s Super League season.

Having been a part of Chelsea since 2012, Hayes expressed her immense joy at the prospect of leading the US national team, labeling it a “fulfilled dream.” In an impassioned manner, she highlighted her strong bond with both the team and the nation, underscoring her longstanding aspiration to coach the USA. Recognizing the obstacles that lie ahead, Hayes stressed the importance of commitment, loyalty, and teamwork from all individuals associated with the US Soccer Federation in order to attain their objectives of sustained excellence at the highest echelon.

After commencing her coaching journey in the United States, Hayes has subsequently accumulated an admirable assortment of 13 significant accolades throughout her tenure in the Women’s Super League. Nevertheless, the one trophy that has evaded her grasp is the UEFA Women’s Champions League, and she confessed that including that achievement in her list of accomplishments with Chelsea would be a “magical” occurrence. Cindy Parlow Cone, the president of US Soccer, commended Hayes for being an exceptional leader and an exceptional coach on a global scale. She emphasized Hayes’ strong principles, enthusiasm, and unyielding determination to achieve victory. Cone expressed her belief in Hayes’ capability to guide the national team, highlighting her familiarity with the soccer scene in the United States and her profound understanding of the sport.

Now that Hayes will divert her attention to the Champions League, where Chelsea is scheduled to compete against Real Madrid in Spain, supporters can witness the game in real-time through TNT Sports. TNT Sports offers a variety of television channels and online platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the match. To sum up, the selection of Emma Hayes as the fresh head coach of the United States women’s national team signifies a thrilling next phase in her remarkable coaching journey. Equipped with her extensive knowledge and unyielding perseverance, Hayes is ready to guide the team towards unprecedented achievements.

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