West Ham’s James Ward-Prowse: ‘Truly special’ in same league as Messi and Beckham

James Ward-Prowse, the skillful midfield player of West Ham, is extremely excited to be compared to the iconic free-kick specialists Lionel Messi and David Beckham. Having scored 17 goals from free-kicks in the Premier League, Ward-Prowse is on the verge of matching Beckham’s impressive record with just one goal remaining. The commendation from Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, has left Ward-Prowse feeling astounded and privileged, particularly considering Guardiola’s experience coaching Messi, who is widely recognized for his exceptional free-kick skills. Ward-Prowse, in an interview with TNT Sports’ Sign Up – Into Football, expressed his appreciation for the acknowledgement but made it clear that he will continue to strive until he surpasses the record and allows his performance statistics to prove his capabilities. Despite his transfer from Southampton to West Ham, Ward-Prowse has not yet managed to score a free-kick goal for his new team. Nevertheless, he will have a chance to match Beckham’s record in the upcoming match against Crystal Palace on Sunday. The idea of being associated with David Beckham is intimidating for Ward-Prowse. He acknowledges that he never envisioned accomplishing such a remarkable feat and considers it as a confirmation of his dedication and training. Despite not having mastered his free-kick technique entirely, Ward-Prowse is optimistic about surpassing the current record and being able to openly talk about his accomplishment with pride.

David Beckham, a renowned midfielder who played for Manchester United, England, and Real Madrid, is widely recognized as one of the most exceptional free-kick takers of his era. Ward-Prowse discloses that Beckham served as a tremendous source of inspiration during his formative years, to the point that he even imitated Beckham’s hairstyles. Ward-Prowse remains convinced that his decision to sport a Mohican haircut, despite facing disapproval from his school’s head teacher, was justified. He firmly believes that the influence of figures like Beckham on young individuals, including himself, plays a crucial role in their personal growth and development.

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