Ten Hag and Garnacho Celebrate Stunning Goal as Man Utd Winger Shocks Everton

Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, and Alejandro Garnacho, both concurred that the winger’s goal against Everton is likely the most exceptional goal of the season. Garnacho, an Argentine winger, astounded the crowd at Goodison Park by scoring with an impressive overhead kick within the first three minutes.

This triumph signifies United’s fourth victory in the league out of five matches. However, despite being greatly impressed by the goal, Ten Hag expressed his hope for his team to deliver more in the second half. During an interview with Sky Sports, he stated, “Undoubtedly the goal of the season. Not only the finish, but also the build-up play was of high quality. The finish itself was truly remarkable.” Nevertheless, Ten Hag expressed his disappointment with the lack of intensity displayed by his team in the initial period, remarking, “Following the commencement of the match, our approach was too relaxed. I addressed this issue with the team during halftime. They seemed to have assumed victory prematurely. Such complacency is unacceptable. One must maintain full focus for the entire duration of the game. However, we significantly improved in the latter half.”

Ten Hag highlighted the significance of the three attackers finding the back of the net, emphasizing, “The fact that our three offensive players scored is crucial for our team. It will undoubtedly contribute to our collective success.” A significant occurrence during the game occurred when Bruno Fernandes handed over penalty responsibilities to Marcus Rashford, putting an end to his period of not scoring goals. Ten Hag commended Fernandes for his act, expressing, “This also demonstrates the exceptional leadership of Bruno as a captain. He recognized that his teammate required that goal and trusted in Rashy, who is skilled at taking penalties. As a team, it is vital to have this kind of support and belief in each other.”

Regarding the future, Ten Hag stressed the importance of proceeding gradually, affirming, “We must take each step in succession. This is merely one step in the process.” Garnacho, the player who scored the goal, was absolutely overjoyed with his shot, expressing his disbelief by saying, “I’m in complete awe. Honestly, I just turned around and had a moment of ‘Oh my god’. This is one of the greatest goals I’ve ever scored, and it brings me immense happiness.” When questioned about whether it was the best goal of the season thus far, he responded with confidence, saying, “Most likely! We’re still in November, but undoubtedly.”

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