Scholes & Hargreaves support Man Utd’s ten Hag

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has voiced his support for manager Erik Ten Hag, despite the team’s poor performance in the UEFA Champions League. The club suffered a 4-3 defeat to FC Copenhagen, marking their ninth loss in 17 matches this season. Scholes believes that Ten Hag should be given more time, stating, “I think we’ve got to let this fella go with it. I think he’s been good up to this point.”

Scholes also acknowledged that the team had faced some unfortunate circumstances, particularly with Marcus Rashford’s sending off during the match. He noted, “They’re going to play better teams than Copenhagen but I thought there was a little bit of fight there tonight. Just lacking that bit of leadership.”

Former United midfielder Owen Hargreaves echoed Scholes’ sentiments, recognizing signs of improvement from Ten Hag’s team. Hargreaves stated, “I thought for 20/30 minutes, considering the pressure they were under, they played some good stuff, played some really good football.” He also emphasized the importance of sticking by the manager and building something, rather than resorting to constant managerial changes.

The game took a turn just before half-time when Rashford was sent off for a late tackle. Scholes vehemently disagreed with the decision, asserting that it was accidental. He criticized the increasing use of VAR in the game, stating, “You can’t keep coming into the game and spoiling the game, which it is doing.”

Hargreaves shared Scholes’ frustration with VAR, expressing concern that it was taking away from the essence of the game. He emphasized the desire to see matches settled on the pitch rather than through lengthy VAR reviews. Both Scholes and Hargreaves believe that the focus should be on the game itself, rather than the technology surrounding it.

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