Roma and Juventus face off in a crucial Serie A match, with live updates on the line as both teams battle for a spot in the Champions League.

Tonight’s match at the Stadio Olimpico is set to be a crucial one as Juventus take on Roma. The stakes are high for both teams, with hopes of securing a spot in next season’s Champions League on the line.

Juventus will be looking to bounce back from a recent dip in form and secure a much-needed victory against Roma. Meanwhile, Roma will be aiming to continue their strong run of form and come out on top in this important clash.

The atmosphere is sure to be electric as these two Italian giants go head-to-head. With so much riding on the outcome of this match, both teams will be giving it their all to come out on top and secure a vital three points.

It’s all to play for at the Stadio Olimpico tonight, and fans can expect an intense and thrilling encounter between Juventus and Roma. Stay tuned for what promises to be a memorable match between these two top teams.

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