Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe is determined and driven to prove his critics wrong before facing Liverpool – their skepticism only serves as a source of motivation for him.

Ten Hag is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to work with the new co-owners of Ineos. The Dutch manager expressed his excitement about the partnership and the potential it holds for the club’s future.

Meanwhile, Eddie Howe is determined to prove his critics wrong and turn around Newcastle’s recent poor form. The team has struggled in their last seven matches, resulting in their elimination from European competitions and the EFL Cup. Their position in the Premier League has also suffered, with losses to Everton, Tottenham, Luton Town, and Nottingham Forest.

When asked about the criticism he has faced, Howe acknowledged its existence but stated that it only fuels his motivation to achieve better results. He is fully committed to improving the team’s performance and silencing his detractors.

Next on Newcastle’s schedule is a challenging match against Liverpool at Anfield. The Reds have been in excellent form, remaining unbeaten in the Premier League since September and currently leading the table. Howe recognizes the difficulty of the task ahead and acknowledges that his team will need to be near perfect to secure a positive result.

Following the Liverpool game, Newcastle will face Sunderland in the FA Cup, followed by matches against Manchester City and Aston Villa in January. This month could prove pivotal for both the club and Howe as they aim to turn their season around.

However, Howe is not optimistic about the upcoming transfer window and the possibility of strengthening his squad. He cites the challenges of January transfers and the financial constraints imposed by Financial Fair Play as factors that may limit their ability to bring in quality players.

Overall, both Ten Hag and Howe are focused on their respective challenges and are determined to make the most of their opportunities in the coming weeks.

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