Mourinho accuses Pedro of ‘diving’ in fiery Rome derby draw

Jose Mourinho couldn’t help but make a sly comment about his ex-player Pedro after the intense Serie A derby between Roma and Lazio on Sunday. Although the Derby della Capitale ended without any goals, it was still filled with intense emotions and hostility, as anticipated in one of Europe’s most heated rivalries. The match witnessed a total of eight yellow cards being displayed.

Roma began the game with great momentum, controlling the initial proceedings. Romelu Lukaku had a fantastic chance to give his team the lead with a header, but unfortunately, he was unable to capitalize on it. Rick Karsdorp had three opportunities within the penalty area, yet he was unable to score. Additionally, Luis Alberto from Lazio hit the post, which changed the momentum of the game in the middle of the first half. As a result of his emotions getting the best of him, coach Maurizio Sarri received a cautionary warning.

In the second half, Paulo Dybala missed a fantastic opportunity to score the first goal for Roma, while Ciro Immobile also failed to capitalize on a similar chance just before the match ended. However, the level of gameplay was subpar during the intervening 45 minutes. Throughout the entirety of the match, the two teams collectively only generated 0.72 expected goals. Additionally, they equally committed 25 fouls and received four bookings each.

Following the match, Roma’s manager, Mourinho, couldn’t resist voicing his opinion. He took a dig at Pedro, whom he had previously signed during his last season at Chelsea, accusing him of simulating and actively seeking contact throughout the game. Mourinho held nothing back in his critique, declaring, “Pedro is an exceptional player, but he could also excel as a swimmer due to his remarkable diving skills in the pool.” At the moment, Roma occupies the seventh spot in Serie A, trailing the top four by a three-point margin. Conversely, Lazio finds themselves one additional point behind in the tenth position. In order to ascend in the standings and ensure qualification for European competitions, both teams must enhance their performances.

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