Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, offers ideas on how to prevent managers from celebrating alongside players.

Despite being recently banned, Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, has made it clear that he will not suppress his emotions while on the touchline. In fact, he has even proposed the idea of using a rope to create a barrier around the technical area to prevent staff from joining in the celebrations. Arteta received his third yellow card of the season when he hurriedly left the bench to commemorate Declan Rice’s late winning goal in a 4-3 triumph over Luton Town on Tuesday.

Consequently, Arteta has been given a one-match suspension as a consequence of his actions and will be absent for Arsenal’s upcoming Premier League encounter against Aston Villa. Nevertheless, he intends to spectate the match from the director’s box at Villa Park. Arteta conveyed his perspective on the issue, stating, “While we are permitted to rejoice, I believe it is necessary for us to establish a limit, perhaps one that we ought to expand, or alternatively, we could employ a sturdy rope to secure the bench and prevent any movement. This implies that none of us should move, we should all remain still.”

Arteta’s exuberant display of celebration following Rice’s goal propelled Arsenal to a two-point lead at the summit of the standings after completing 15 rounds of league competition. Arteta’s behavior has come under scrutiny once again this season, as the FA previously charged him for his remarks regarding the officiating after a controversial loss to Newcastle United.

When questioned about his exuberant celebrations, Arteta confessed, “I am unaware of how to control my emotions. It was an incredibly intense moment. Everyone was jubilant, and in that frenzy, I lost track of my surroundings and the boundaries I should have adhered to. It is unfortunate because now I am unable to be present with my team on the sideline, but this is a decision they have made. If we strictly abide by the regulations, then indeed, such actions are prohibited. However, considering the circumstances, the collective aspect is crucial.” Even though he is prohibited, Arteta revealed his intention to persist in displaying his feelings on the sideline. He declared, “I would prefer to be present alongside my players if I had the opportunity since we collaborate closely each day to attain our desired outcome, which is winning games by any means necessary. It is important to seize those instances in sports, but I acknowledge the existence of certain limits that must be respected, particularly when in an opposing team’s territory. Nevertheless, given the opportunity, I would enthusiastically participate.” Arsenal will face a formidable Aston Villa team in their upcoming challenge. Aston Villa currently holds the third position, trailing the Gunners by four points. Arteta expressed his admiration for Villa and their manager, Unai Emery, who is also a compatriot and a former Arsenal manager. Arteta commended their achievements, giving credit to Unai and his coaching staff for their remarkable transformation of the team’s playing style. He acknowledged the difficulties that Arsenal will face against Villa, describing it as a tough opponent. Arteta also mentioned his excitement about playing at Villa’s stadium, as it is one of his favorite grounds with a quintessential English atmosphere. He revealed his long-standing admiration for Unai Emery, tracing it back to Emery’s time at Almeria. Arteta highlighted Emery’s consistent success in improving players, teams, and clubs, and expressed his happiness for the Basque manager’s accomplishments in the game across different countries and levels.

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