Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, escapes disciplinary action from the Football Association (FA) for his remarks following the team’s loss against Newcastle United.

The Football Association (FA) has absolved Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal manager, of any wrongdoing in relation to comments he made after his team’s contentious loss to Newcastle United last month. The FA’s investigation found the charge against him to be inconclusive. Newcastle United secured a 1-0 victory over Arsenal, thereby putting an end to their undefeated start in the Premier League this season.

Prior to the goal being scored, there were three separate incidents that underwent scrutiny by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR). These incidents involved a potential ball being out of play, a potential foul committed against defender Gabriel Magalhaes, and a review of the offside status of the goalscorer Anthony Gordon. Nevertheless, according to VAR, there was insufficient evidence to interfere and they decided to uphold the initial onfield ruling to grant the goal.

Following the match, Arteta vented his frustration in the press conference, criticizing the decision as a “shameful” and “humiliating” act. Consequently, the FA charged him with misconduct for his remarks, deeming them disrespectful towards the officials and harmful to the sport.

However, after an extensive period of almost six weeks, an Independent Regulatory Commission absolved Arteta of any wrongdoing. The FA issued a statement affirming that the charges against Arteta could not be proven. Arteta defended himself by stating that he intended to use the word “disgrace” to refer to unfortunate circumstances or bad luck rather than expressing contempt.

This is not the initial occurrence of Arteta facing disciplinary measures this season. Recently, he received punishment for his conduct during Arsenal’s 1-0 loss to Aston Villa, resulting in him being obligated to watch the game from the stands. Arteta had received his third yellow card of the season, which triggered a ban from the touchline for one match.

Arteta will be back on the sidelines for Arsenal’s upcoming home game against Brighton & Hove Albion as they strive to reclaim their position at the top of the league table.

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