Mbappe requires readiness before departing PSG

Djibril Cisse, the ex-Liverpool forward, has expressed his views on Kylian Mbappe’s potential transfer from Ligue 1 to an international club. Mbappe, widely recognized as one of football’s brightest talents, has been strongly linked with a switch to Real Madrid. Although he has pledged his commitment to Paris Saint-Germain until at least 2023/24, there is anticipation that speculation regarding his future will escalate in the coming season.

Cisse, who himself moved from Auxerre to Liverpool when he was 23 years old, believes that age should not hinder a player’s move. He stressed that the choice to relocate to another country depends on having the appropriate mindset and mental fortitude. Cisse, speaking to Eurosport France, highlighted that it is a matter of one’s thoughts and emotions. He added that age is not necessarily a limiting factor if one feels prepared and mentally resilient.

While comparing himself to Mbappe, Cisse recognized that both players share exceptional speed as their main attribute. However, he believes that Mbappe has a more polished style, showcasing superior technique. Cisse expressed that his own game was more focused on speed, power, and strength, while acknowledging that he and Mbappe are not on the same level as players. Cisse confidently contemplates his career and believes that his abilities would have flourished in the current era of football. He is convinced that his exceptional speed would have posed a significant threat to contemporary defenses, who are more adventurous in their attacking strategies. Cisse even expresses an eagerness to test his skills against players of the caliber of Mbappe and Erling Haaland, in order to assess his own abilities.

Although Mbappe shines as the standout player in Ligue 1, Cisse has been thoroughly impressed by the remarkable performances of forwards at Monaco and Lens. Cisse’s analysis provided valuable information on the elements that impact a player’s choice to play overseas and his confidence in Mbappe’s abilities. Being a former player, Cisse’s viewpoint brings further understanding to the ongoing conversations regarding Mbappe’s future and the exceptional skills found in Ligue 1.

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