Manchester City is facing Wolves in the Premier League, with Erling Haaland scoring a hat-trick in the first half for Pep Guardiola’s dominant champions.

Wolves are finding it incredibly difficult to handle the relentless attack from Manchester City. The speed at which Guardiola’s men are moving and making decisions is truly exceptional. At halftime, City have taken a commanding 3-0 lead.

In one particular instance, Cunha is forced to knock De Bruyne’s free-kick out for a corner. The Wolves box is thrown into chaos as Rodri manages to win the header. However, Wolves narrowly escape as Josko Gvardiol’s attempt to finish is thwarted.

It is clear that Wolves are struggling to cope with the intensity and skill of Manchester City. The gap in personnel between the two teams is evident, and it is reflected in the scoreline.

Guardiola’s men are dominating the game with their quick thinking and movement, leaving Wolves desperately trying to hold on.

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