Live coverage of the match between Chelsea and Newcastle United: a clash to secure a spot in the semi-finals of the EFL Cup.

Tonight’s game offers a valuable chance for both Chelsea and Newcastle to move closer to a win, given that they are no longer in contention for the league title and have no European competitions next year.

Despite a disappointing performance in the league this season, Chelsea have demonstrated their strength in this tournament by winning it five times before. The team will aim to restore their reputation and add another trophy to their collection.

Meanwhile, Newcastle, now backed by wealthy owners, are eager to secure their inaugural piece of silverware and continue their pursuit of success. In the previous season, they came incredibly close to achieving victory in this specific tournament, but ultimately ended up as the second-place finishers. Their pursuit of winning a championship has been a lengthy journey, as their most recent triumph dates all the way back to their Inter-Cities Fairs Cup win in June 1969, just a short time before Neil Armstrong’s momentous moon landing.

Both teams will be filled with anticipation to seize this chance and revive their aspirations for accomplishment. The circumstances are perfectly arranged for a captivating confrontation as these two teams fiercely compete on the field. Can Chelsea rely on their previous accomplishments and expertise to secure another win, or will Newcastle’s strong desire for success finally be fulfilled? The outcome can only be determined with the passage of time.

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