Lescott and Ferdinand Praise Bellingham’s Phenomenal Progress at Real Madrid

In a recent discussion, TNT Sports experts Joleon Lescott and Rio Ferdinand couldn’t help but praise Jude Bellingham’s incredible start at Real Madrid, describing his impact at the Bernabeu as “phenomenal”. The pair were particularly impressed with how seamlessly the 20-year-old has settled into life in Madrid, even going as far as to name him the standout player in the UEFA Champions League during the first three matchdays.

Last month, Bellingham was honored with the Kopa Trophy at the Ballon d’Or ceremony, recognizing his outstanding performances throughout the year. Ferdinand, speaking ahead of another thrilling Champions League night, expressed his admiration for Bellingham’s ability to influence and impact one of the greatest teams in the world.

Ferdinand stated, “Every time we do a game, his name crops up at critical moments for Real Madrid; he is influencing and impacting one of the greatest teams on the planet, and one of the greatest clubs in this competition. Nothing seems to faze him, and it’s even more beautiful that he’s one of our own. His impact coming into a new club alone, never mind the status of Real Madrid, is phenomenal.”

Ferdinand also highlighted Bellingham’s seamless transition into a new club and his impressive composure despite his young age. He commended the midfielder for setting a new standard by immediately making his mark at Real Madrid, saying, “He seems to have set a new level as well when you go to a new club and say: ‘you need a bit of grace, a year to acclimatise’. He said ‘no’, ripped it up and said ‘I’m here now’. He’s got the ability, but he’s got the mentality not to be phased.”

Lescott echoed Ferdinand’s sentiments, emphasizing Bellingham’s maturity both on and off the pitch. He praised the midfielder for his elegant and passionate style of play, noting that even the biggest names at Real Madrid have taken notice of his talent. Lescott concluded by stating, “He’s doing it nine times out of 10 and produces what the moment requires.”

Overall, it is clear that Bellingham’s performances at Real Madrid have left a lasting impression on both Lescott and Ferdinand. The young midfielder’s ability to seamlessly integrate into the team and his composed demeanor have made him a standout player in the UEFA Champions League. With his continued success, Bellingham is proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of football.

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