Lennon Praises Venables Ahead of Celtic v Lazio in UEFA Champions League

Neil Lennon has expressed admiration for the late Terry Venables, commending him as a visionary and a trailblazer in his field. The former Celtic captain and manager spoke glowingly of Venables’ progressive concepts and his knack for extracting the utmost potential from his players. Reflecting on their encounter at Middlesbrough, Lennon was struck by Venables’ profound impact on English football, both as a player and as a mentor. Additionally, Lennon emphasized the significant role Venables played in shaping Paul Gascoigne’s development during their shared tenure at Tottenham. According to him, Gascoigne’s peak performance in his football career occurred under Venables’ guidance prior to his transfer to Lazio. Lennon portrayed Venables as a composed and stylish manager who commanded great admiration from his players.

Lennon also commended Venables’ influence on the England national team. Specifically, he highlighted the remarkable squad assembled by Venables for the Euro 96 tournament, which provided immense pleasure to spectators. Although the team faced the heart-wrenching defeat against Germany in the semi-finals, Lennon firmly believes that Venables’ exceptional managerial skills were evident throughout. Terry Venables, a true icon in the world of football, has been mourned by many influential figures in the sport. Among them, Lennon stands as just one example of those who have expressed their admiration for Venables. Alan Shearer, who famously scored the opening goal in the Euro 96 semi-final, expressed his sorrow upon hearing the news and acknowledged Venables for giving him the opportunity to represent England. Gary Neville, another player who rose through the ranks under Venables’ guidance, also paid his respects to his former coach. Neville described Venables as his top coach for the national team throughout his entire career. The loss of Terry Venables is a significant blow to the footballing community, and his profound impact on the game will always be remembered.

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