Legia Warsaw supporters have been prohibited from attending five consecutive away matches due to their involvement in disturbances during the UEFA Europa Conference League match against Aston Villa.

Legia Warsaw has faced severe consequences from UEFA after the concerning events that took place during their UEFA Europa Conference League match against Aston Villa. As a consequence of the turmoil that unfolded on November 30 at Villa Park, the Polish club will be prohibited from having any away supporters in attendance for their next five European matches.

Prior to the game, confrontations occurred, resulting in several police officers sustaining injuries. This led to 46 individuals being charged with committing a public order offense. Moreover, two individuals were charged with assaulting police officers, and another individual was charged with possessing a knife. Aston Villa decided to make a formal complaint to UEFA after witnessing these disturbing events.

In their complaint, Aston Villa emphasized that Legia club officials did not cooperate with West Midlands Police, Aston Villa, and UEFA at all during the day. The behavior of Legia’s fans was considered unacceptable and has led to severe consequences for the club.

Along with the prohibition of their supporters attending away matches, Legia Warsaw has been issued a substantial fine of £86,100. This monetary punishment has been imposed because of the disturbances caused by the crowd, damages, throwing of objects, and lighting of fireworks that spoiled the game. UEFA has emphasized its zero-tolerance policy towards such conduct and has actively implemented measures to safeguard the security and credibility of upcoming European matches.

This penalty serves as a clear and stern warning to both clubs and their fans that hooliganism and aggression have no room in the exquisite sport. The resolute position taken by UEFA against such misbehavior is praiseworthy, as it effectively conveys that the actions of a minority can carry serious repercussions for the entire club.

Legia Warsaw will now bear the repercussions of their supporters’ behavior, which includes the exclusion of away fans and a substantial financial burden.

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