Jurgen Klopp describes Liverpool’s extraordinary 7-0 victory against Manchester United as a unique occurrence that is unlikely to happen again, as they prepare for their upcoming rematch at Anfield.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has played down the importance of his team’s 7-0 win over Manchester United last season, stating that such outcomes are uncommon and do not serve as a driving force for the upcoming match. Liverpool, who currently occupy the top position in the Premier League standings, will face a United side plagued by injuries at Anfield on Sunday.

Klopp stressed that his primary focus lies in securing a victory and earning three points in the match, rather than seeking vengeance or inflicting further distress on United. He expressed, “If there was something that could provide motivation? Maybe if it occurred about four matchdays before the season’s end and it could be the final push, I might mention it. However, in the present circumstances, it holds no significance.” In the previous season, Cody Gakpo, Mohamed Salah, and Darwin Nunez each scored twice, while Roberto Firmino added a late goal, resulting in a 7-0 victory. Nevertheless, Klopp believes that replicating such an outcome is highly unlikely and suggests that the team that suffered the defeat might be more driven this time.

Despite Liverpool being the favorites for the upcoming match, Klopp acknowledges the significance of the longstanding rivalry between the two clubs and the importance of playing at Anfield. He expressed, “If we disregard everything else and focus solely on playing a football match against Liverpool’s historical rival at home in Anfield, it automatically becomes a special game. That’s the kind of performance I expect from our team.” Klopp also warned against underestimating United, despite their recent poor performance. He believes that the more criticism they face, the more determined they will be on the field. He expressed, “The more negative comments people make about them, the more motivated they become. This has always been the case. I’m not fond of that.”

While acknowledging the importance of assessing the opponent’s situation before a match, Klopp emphasized that his primary focus is on getting his own team ready. He declared, “The situation with Man United – and I want to make it clear – is not significant to us, as we solely concentrate on preparing our own team.” To sum up, Klopp’s motivation for the upcoming match is not based on previous outcomes or the present state of United. Instead, he is entirely focused on obtaining a victory and anticipates an exceptional showdown at Anfield against their long-standing adversaries.

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