Jenas Supports Newcastle United to Triumph Against PSG in Champions League

Jermaine Jenas, a former Newcastle United player and current TNT Sports expert, believes that Newcastle has a strong chance of winning their crucial Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain. If Newcastle were to lose, it would mark the end of their comeback to the competition after being absent for 20 years. On the other hand, a draw would leave them in a challenging position going into the final group stage match.

Having suffered a 4-1 defeat in their previous encounter at St. James’ Park, Paris Saint-Germain will be determined to seek revenge. In spite of Eddie Howe’s team’s back-to-back losses to Borussia Dortmund, they find themselves at the bottom of Group F. Nevertheless, Jenas maintains optimism regarding Newcastle’s prospects, even with the daunting task of facing Kylian Mbappe once more.

Jenas acknowledges the weight on Newcastle’s shoulders following their defeats against Dortmund. However, he believes that a draw in the upcoming match would be sufficient to exert pressure on PSG in the final game. He emphasizes the significance of winning home games in the Champions League while also highlighting the competitiveness of the group.

This season, Newcastle has encountered injury woes and has struggled to maintain consistency across all competitions. Following a promising beginning in Europe, they encountered setbacks against Dortmund and faced varying outcomes in the Premier League. Jenas recognizes the turbulent commencement of the season, yet commends Newcastle for managing to secure crucial points.

Jenas holds the belief that Newcastle’s defense has exhibited remarkable unity, even in the absence of important players. He particularly admires the performance of Jamal Lascelles, who has taken on a more prominent role in the absence of fellow defenders. Lascelles’ unexpected resurgence has pleasantly surprised Newcastle and offers a stable base for the team. Jenas emphasizes the importance of the fitness of Callum Wilson and Alexander Isak in determining Newcastle’s chances in European competitions. While acknowledging their tendency to get injured, he recognizes their potential to significantly influence the team’s performance. Isak’s knack for causing trouble from the left flank and Wilson’s active participation in the game will play significant roles in Newcastle’s success.

For those interested in viewing the match, it will be televised on TNT Sports 2. Access to TNT Sports can be acquired through different television platforms.

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