Follow live updates of the Premier League clash between Fulham and Arsenal as The Gunners strive to secure the leading position at Craven Cottage.

Hello and welcome to LIVE updates of the Premier League clash between Fulham and Arsenal at Craven Cottage. The Gunners, hailing from North London, are determined to recover from their unexpected home defeat to West Ham. A victory in this match would propel them to the top of the top-flight standings as we approach the New Year.

Craven Cottage, the historic home ground of Fulham Football Club, is buzzing with anticipation as fans eagerly await this exciting encounter. Both teams have a lot at stake, with Arsenal aiming to regain their winning form and Fulham eager to secure valuable points to climb up the league table.

Arsenal, led by their experienced manager Mikel Arteta, will be looking to their star players such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette to deliver a strong performance. The Gunners possess a formidable attacking force and will be hoping to exploit Fulham’s defensive vulnerabilities.

On the other hand, Fulham, under the guidance of Scott Parker, will be determined to put up a resilient fight against their formidable opponents. The Cottagers have shown glimpses of their potential this season and will be eager to showcase their skills against one of the league’s top teams.

As the match kicks off, both teams display their intent to dominate the game. Arsenal, donning their iconic red and white jerseys, assert their attacking prowess early on, creating several goal-scoring opportunities. Fulham, however, remain resolute in defense, thwarting the Gunners’ advances with their disciplined backline.

The atmosphere at Craven Cottage is electric, with passionate fans from both sides cheering on their respective teams. The players feed off this energy, displaying their skill and determination on the pitch. The match is a true spectacle of English football, showcasing the intensity and competitiveness of the Premier League.

As the game progresses, Arsenal’s persistence pays off as they break the deadlock with a clinical finish from Aubameyang. The Gunners’ fans erupt in celebration, while Fulham’s supporters rally behind their team, urging them to mount a comeback.

Fulham, not to be outdone, launch a spirited counter-attack, testing Arsenal’s defense. The Cottagers’ attacking players, led by Aleksandar Mitrovic, showcase their talent and create several goal-scoring opportunities. However, Arsenal’s solid defense, marshaled by Gabriel Magalhães and Kieran Tierney, stands firm, denying Fulham the equalizer.

As the final whistle blows, Arsenal emerges victorious, securing a crucial win that propels them to the top of the Premier League table. The Gunners’ fans rejoice, while Fulham’s players and supporters reflect on a valiant effort that fell just short.

This thrilling encounter at Craven Cottage exemplifies the excitement and drama that the Premier League consistently delivers. Both teams showcased their skill, determination, and passion for the game, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this captivating football season.

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