Exclusive: Erik ten Hag discloses the manner in which Manchester United can inflict significant damage upon their adversaries in the remaining fixtures of the Premier League campaign.

Manchester United’s coach, Erik ten Hag, is getting his team ready for a crucial Premier League game against West Ham. Ten Hag stressed the significance of having a practical mindset, but also emphasized that United must strive to win every match. The upcoming game will be broadcasted live on TNT Sports, and United aims to capitalize on their recent goalless draw against Liverpool.

Presently, United holds the seventh position in the league standings, only one point ahead of West Ham and two spots higher. The team has faced difficulties this season, having been eliminated from European competition after finishing at the bottom of their Champions League group. Having suffered 12 defeats in various tournaments, a loss to West Ham would widen the gap between them and the top six teams.

When questioned about his aspirations for the club, Ten Hag affirmed that their objective remains to triumph in every competition they participate in. Nevertheless, he acknowledged the importance of being pragmatic in the present circumstances. He believes that Manchester United’s ultimate aim is to win every match, and they will exert themselves to attain that.

The recent draw against Liverpool was viewed positively as a move forward, with Ten Hag commending the team’s defensive display. He is of the opinion that they had the potential to generate more opportunities and inflict even greater damage on their adversaries. Although he does not wish to categorize it as a pivotal moment, Ten Hag believes that the tie will enhance the team’s belief and competitiveness when facing top-ranked teams.

Regarding injuries, United will be missing Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire in defense, along with Casemiro and Mason Mount. Lisandro Martinez and Diogo Dalot are also not available. Ten Hag acknowledged that the team will improve when the injured players recover, but he rejected the idea that being eliminated from Europe would be advantageous for the team. Anticipating the upcoming game versus West Ham, Ten Hag recognized the caliber of Moyes’ team. Despite their recent loss to Liverpool, West Ham has displayed impressive performances and is just one point behind United in the standings. Ten Hag stressed the importance of United delivering their utmost performance and devising a means to emerge victorious against a formidable adversary.

Ten Hag additionally expressed great admiration for Moyes, commending him as an exceptional coach with remarkable tactics. He holds Moyes’ accomplishments in high regard and believes that maintaining success for an extended period demands a significant presence and profound understanding of the sport. Fans who are interested in watching the West Ham United versus Manchester United match can catch it on TNT Sports. The game is set to start at 12:30 pm according to UK time.

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