Erik ten Hag, the coach of Manchester United, joyfully celebrates Rasmus Hojlund’s winning goal against Aston Villa, referring to him as the epitome of happiness.

Rasmus Hojlund, the Danish forward playing for Manchester United, shared his overwhelming happiness following his decisive goal in their impressive 3-2 comeback triumph against Aston Villa. The game, which took place at Old Trafford, appeared to be a difficult day for Erik ten Hag’s squad initially as they found themselves trailing 2-0 in the first half. Nevertheless, the Argentine winger Alejandro Garnacho, who is rapidly establishing himself as a symbol for the club, scored two goals to equalize the match. Subsequently, Hojlund scored his debut Premier League goal to ensure his team secured a full three points. During an interview with Amazon following the game, Hojlund expressed his immense joy at scoring the winning goal and ending his goalless streak in the league. He enthusiastically remarked, “It’s been quite some time, but I am filled with happiness. At this very moment, I feel like the happiest person alive. As Alejandro mentioned, our celebrations clearly demonstrated our unwavering belief until the very end, and once again, we exhibited great determination today. Although I have managed to score a couple of goals in the Champions League, it has been a while since I found the back of the net in the Premier League. Therefore, I hope to capitalize on this achievement and continue progressing. I am delighted for the three of us and all the attackers as well – our performance today showcased both resilience and confidence.” After the interview, Garnacho, who was given the man of the match award by his teammate, expressed his joy by saying, “I feel incredibly delighted. Despite being behind by two goals, our team, Manchester United, never loses hope and this remarkable comeback proves it. In the training room, I had mentioned that scoring just one goal would bring us back into the game. I’m also thrilled for Rasmus. Many people criticize our strikers at Manchester United, claiming that we can’t score goals, but today Rashford proved them wrong by providing assists and scoring goals. We’re truly ecstatic.” Ten Hag, the Manchester United manager, commended his players’ performance and expressed his support despite falling behind 2-0 early in the match. He acknowledged that the team may have lacked focus, evident from conceding two set plays, but he believed they played well in the first half. Ten Hag encouraged his players to continue believing in themselves and to maintain their efforts, urging them to push even harder. He emphasized that achieving a 2-1 scoreline was possible and that the outcome remained uncertain. Prior to the game, he had stated that they were on par with Arsenal and Liverpool in terms of competitiveness. Ten Hag stressed the importance of demonstrating character, and the team proved their ability to do so in this match. He expressed his happiness about the strikers scoring, as it was something they needed. Ten Hag acknowledged the team’s potential, highlighting the goal-scoring abilities of Marcus Rashford, Garnacho, and Hojlund. He emphasized the need to consistently showcase their finishing skills in every game, emphasizing that having the determination to score goals would ultimately lead to success in finding the back of the net.

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