England’s Declan Rice on Meeting Expectations of £105m Arsenal Transfer

Declan Rice, the skilled midfielder who recently transferred from West Ham to Arsenal for an astonishing £105m, has shared his experience of the initial pressure he felt due to his substantial price tag. Despite the anxiety, Rice swiftly adapted to his new team and has played a crucial part in propelling Mikel Arteta’s squad to the third position in the Premier League standings, trailing just one point behind the leaders Manchester City.

Moreover, Rice’s exceptional performances extend beyond the club level, as he has played a pivotal role in England’s successful qualification for Euro 2024. Rice acknowledges feeling anxious when his move to Arsenal was in progress due to the hefty price attached to him. The notion of being a human being purchased for a staggering £105m seemed far from ordinary. However, this valuation was based on his accomplishments at West Ham and the worth they attributed to him. Upon joining Arsenal, Rice’s mindset was simply to remain true to himself, not altering his identity in any way, believing that this approach would lead to a seamless transition. Rice admits that the initial period of pre-season presented difficulties for him as he adapted to his unfamiliar environment. Nevertheless, he currently feels comfortable and determined to showcase his skills to the fullest, without fixating on the financial investment. He comprehends the burden that accompanies being a high-priced acquisition, having observed his compatriot Jack Grealish encounter comparable obstacles following his transfer to Manchester City.

“I mean, £100m is a substantial amount, so I can empathize with the weight that comes with it,” Rice remarked regarding Grealish’s difficulties. The burden you place on yourself is not the only thing to consider, as there is also the anticipation of living up to the high price tag. It is crucial to immediately showcase your abilities to satisfy people’s expectations. It is my desire to quickly repay the club for their significant investment in me. I must demonstrate my capability to make a difference and justify why I belong there. I can understand why Jack initially struggled, perhaps mentally, as he was a footballer valued at £100 million but did not receive as much playing time. However, now he is excelling, and I find myself in a similar situation. While gearing up for their forthcoming game against Brentford, Arsenal is diligently preparing to showcase their prowess. Rice, in particular, is dedicated to delivering exceptional performances and contributing to his team’s triumph. The highly-anticipated match will be televised on TNT Sports, granting fans the chance to witness Rice’s ongoing development and influential presence on the field.

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