Eddie Howe, despite Newcastle United’s elimination from the UEFA Champions League, expresses immense pride.

Eddie Howe, the English coach of Newcastle United, was deeply saddened by his team’s 2-1 loss to AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League. This defeat led to Newcastle’s elimination from the tournament and European football altogether. Despite briefly having a chance to qualify on the final matchday and even briefly holding second place in Group F, Christian Pulisic and Samuel Chukwueze’s goals turned the tables after Joelinton’s initial goal, leaving Howe’s team in last place.

In his post-match statement, Howe expressed his disappointment in being knocked out of the competition but also emphasized his immense pride in his players. He recognized the dedication, hard work, and physical strain the team put in during the entire game. Howe was of the opinion that Newcastle gave their utmost effort, but unfortunately, it fell short. He pointed out some favorable elements of their performance, acknowledging their occasional control, but also admitted their failure to prevent AC Milan from scoring goals.

In the match, Joelinton scored a remarkable goal in the initial half, but Pulisic leveled the score for AC Milan in the 60th minute, making the game more competitive with more than 30 minutes remaining. Howe acknowledged that the match was intense, with both teams fiercely battling to maintain their presence in the European competitions. He characterized it as a contest where both sides relentlessly launched attacks, demonstrating their determination to emerge victorious.

Despite Newcastle not having complete command over the game, Howe understood that this was expected in such a crucial match. He expressed his dissatisfaction with their technical performance but also emphasized the opportunities they managed to create. Ultimately, Howe and his team were devastated by their inability to advance in the competition.

When questioned about the debatable penalty decision that went against Newcastle in their previous clash against Paris Saint-Germain, Howe chose not to linger on it. He admitted that during the AC Milan game, they had a chance to secure their qualification but were unsuccessful in doing so. Despite this setback, Howe commended his team for their physical and mental exertion, highlighting the fact that they had a limited number of players available and their unwavering commitment on the field. He expressed his pride in their performance and mentioned that they would gain valuable insights from this experience, using it to improve their performance in the Premier League.

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