Ajax and Real Betis will face each other in the play-offs for the knockout round.

Don’t miss out on the live streaming of the Europa Conference League draw for the knockout round play-offs. You can watch it for free on our TNT Sports YouTube channel or below.

Throughout the 2023-24 season, TNT Sports will be airing all UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League matches, from the group stages to the finals, live. For those who want to catch the live action of the UEFA Champions League, discovery+ is the streaming platform where TNT Sports is available exclusively. Moreover, you can access TNT Sports through BT, EE, Sky, and Virgin Media. The Europa Conference League draw is scheduled for 12:55. The teams that finished as group runners-up in the Conference League are Bodo/Glimt, Dinamo Zagreb, Ferencvaros, Frankfurt, Gent, Legia, Ludogorets, and Slovan Bratislava. These teams have the opportunity to face one of the teams from the Europa League, as long as they are not from the same country. The Europa League teams they can potentially face are Ajax and Maccabi Haifa, as both of them finished third in their respective groups. 12:50 – Europa Conference League draw

We’re back at it. This time, it’s the draw for the Europa Conference League, where teams from the Europa League who finished third in their group will face off against the group runners-up from the Conference League. As a result, Aston Villa won’t be a part of this draw, but we have notable clubs like Ajax and Real Betis in the mix. We are currently broadcasting live on TNT Sports, discovery+, and our YouTube channel, available for free viewing.

Catch the Europa League action

Throughout the 2023-24 season, TNT Sports will provide live coverage of every UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League match, from the group stages all the way to the finals. discovery+ serves as the streaming platform for TNT Sports, exclusively offering live viewing of the UEFA Champions League. Additionally, TNT Sports can also be accessed through BT, EE, Sky, and Virgin Media.

12:40 – ‘Brighton will be a formidable opponent that no one would wish to confront’ According to Michael Owen, Brighton may be close to reaching the final after their 1-0 victory against Marseille, which allowed them to avoid the knockout play-offs and finish first in their group.

12:35 – Why not West Ham?

The team at TNT Sports believes that West Ham has the potential to go far in the Europa League, considering their success in topping their group and winning the Conference League last season.

12:20 – The draw is now finished!

All the matches are listed below. One of the most interesting matchups is arguably Feyenoord against Roma, which is a rematch of the 2022 Conference League final! On that particular match, Roma emerged victorious with a 1-0 score, indicating that they have grown accustomed to facing each other. Another encounter between the two teams took place in the Europa League quarter-finals in April. Feyenoord managed to secure a 1-0 win in the first leg at their home stadium, but Roma swiftly turned the tables with a remarkable 4-1 victory in the second leg.

Here are the match pairings for the Europa League knockout round play-offs draw:

– Shakhtar Donetsk versus Marseille
– Galatasaray versus Sparta Prague
– Braga versus Qarabag – The matches scheduled are Benfica against Toulouse, Young Boys against Sporting, Lens against Freiburg, AC Milan against Rennes, and Feyenoord against Roma.
– These matches will take place on February 15 and 22.
– The draw begins at 12:10.
– Giorgio Marchetti makes a comeback and invites Julien Escude, who won the UEFA Cup with Sevilla in 2006 and 2007, to join him on stage.
– Leverkusen is performing well and could be considered the favorites, but West Ham, who won the Conference League last season, might surprise as the underdogs. Leverkusen and West Ham have both emerged as winners in their respective groups, which is why they are not part of today’s draw. However, we are ready to proceed!

12:02 – Returning to the spotlight

The captivating anthem of the Europa League resonates, signaling the start of..

12:00 – Participants in the Europa League draw

The teams that finished as runners-up in the Europa League are grouped together:

– Freiburg
– Marseille
– Qarabag
– Rennes
– Roma
– Sparta Prague
– Sporting CP – Toulouse

And the following teams, who were eliminated from the Champions League, will be competing:

– Benfica
– Braga
– Feyenoord
– Galatasaray
– Lens
– Milan
– Shakhtar Donetsk
– Young Boys

11.55 – Time for the Europa League

Now, let’s move on to the Europa League draw, which is for the play-off round before the round of 16. In this round, the third-placed teams from the Champions League will join and face a runner-up team from the Europa League group stage. The winner will secure a spot in the round of 16. Liverpool, West Ham, and Brighton will not be participating in this draw. However, they will be closely observing the outcome of this round.

At 11:30, is there a standout match?

One could argue that the match between Serie A champions Napoli and Barcelona stands out. They last faced each other at this exact stage in the 2019-20 competition, with Barca winning 4-2 overall. However, the circumstances have changed since then, and it is difficult to predict a clear winner this time. Barca is not performing well in La Liga, and Napoli is also struggling in Serie A. Nevertheless, one of these teams has a significant opportunity to make a statement in European football. The draw for the last-16 of the Champions League has been announced, with some exciting matches to look forward to. Porto will face Arsenal, Napoli will take on Barcelona, PSG will go up against Real Sociedad, Inter will compete against Atletico Madrid, PSV Eindhoven will play against Borussia Dortmund, Lazio will clash with Bayern Munich, Copenhagen will challenge Manchester City, and RB Leipzig will meet Real Madrid.

RB Leipzig vs Real Madrid

RB Leipzig has been handed a huge opportunity as they face off against Real Madrid. This match is undoubtedly the highlight of the draw.

Copenhagen vs Manchester City

Copenhagen returns to this stage for the first time since 2011, and they will have the daunting task of facing the current title holders, Manchester City. Lazio is going up against Bayern Munich, who were the quarter-finalists in 2000 and have won the tournament six times. It is a challenging task for Lazio.

PSV will be playing against Borussia Dortmund, the winners of the 1988 European Cup, while Borussia Dortmund won the tournament in 1997.

Inter will face Atletico Madrid, who were the losing finalists in the previous year and have reached the final three times in the past.

PSG will be happy with the draw against Real Sociedad, considering they finished as runners-up in the previous season.

Napoli, the champions of Serie A, will be taking on Barcelona, who have won the Champions League five times. An appetizing matchup..

Porto versus Arsenal

The teams that emerged victorious in 1987 and 2004 will face off against the Gunners!

11:12 – And now we’re set!

Let’s not forget the teams that made it to the draw. Let’s commence then..

Group champions:

– Arsenal
– Atletico Madrid
– Barcelona
– Bayern Munich
– Borussia Dortmund
– Manchester City
– Real Madrid
– Real Sociedad

Second-placed teams:

– Copenhagen
– Inter
– Lazio Leipzig, Napoli, PSG, Porto, and PSV Eindhoven are some of the teams participating in the draw. Former Chelsea captain John Terry, who won this competition in 2012, is present and sharing his thoughts. He recalls his experience playing against Barcelona in 2004-05, considering them the best team with the finest players in the world. It was challenging, but he cherishes those memories. He specifically mentions Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho as two of the toughest opponents he faced. Messi happened to be on his side of the pitch, which was unfortunate for him. However, he feels privileged to have played alongside such incredible players. When it comes to which team Terry supports, he believes Real Madrid is the one to watch. They have consistently performed exceptionally well for the past several years and always remain a strong contender. Terry also praises Jude Bellingham, highlighting his incredible talent, and acknowledges Carlo Ancelotti as an excellent manager. He predicts that Real Madrid will go far in the competition. 11:06 – Marchetti is now on stage.

The clock is ticking at the draw ceremony in Nyon, Switzerland, and the anticipation is building. We are just moments away from the draw, and this is evident as Giorgio Marchetti steps onto the stage..

11:00 – We are now broadcasting live!

Click on the link HERE to watch the draw for free through our live stream.

10:52 – What about Arsenal?

Any team except PSV as the runner-up. There are a few teams Arsenal would rather not face, but if you were to ask any Arsenal fan right now, they would be confident in their chances regardless of the opponent. Here are some options:

– Copenhagen
– Inter
– Lazio
– Leipzig
– Napoli
– Porto

At 10:48, the question arises: Who could Man City potentially face?

In essence, Man City could face any team except Leipzig, which leaves open the possibility of a rematch with Inter, as seen in last season’s final..

– Copenhagen
– Inter
– Lazio
– Napoli
– Porto
– PSV Eindhoven

At 10:45, the dates for the last 16 matches are set for February and March. The initial matches will take place on February 13/14/20/21, while the second matches are set for March 5/6/12/13.

At 10:35, the teams participating in the Champions League draw were announced.

The group winners include Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Real Sociedad.

The teams that finished in second place are Copenhagen, Inter, Lazio, Leipzig, and Napoli. 10:30 – Live coverage of the Champions League draw

Hello everyone. We have three draws lined up for today, and the first one is the draw for the last 16 in the Champions League. Arsenal and Manchester City, who topped their respective groups, are anxiously waiting to find out who they will be facing. They could potentially be up against teams like PSG and Napoli, as well as last year’s finalists Inter. This suggests that we can expect some exciting and high-profile matches in the next round. You can catch us live starting at 11am UK time on this website, as well as on TNT Sports 1, discovery+, and our YouTube channel. Additionally, we will be conducting draws for the Europa League and Conference League afterwards, so make sure to stay tuned.

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