After Arsenal’s victory over Brighton in the Premier League, Mikel Arteta dismisses the significance of their five-point advantage over Manchester City.

After Arsenal’s impressive 2-0 win against Brighton & Hove Albion at Emirates Stadium in London, their Head Coach Mikel Arteta expressed his joy. This victory not only extended their lead over Manchester City by five points in the Premier League title race but also served as a reminder of last year’s events. Arteta, however, remains cautious and believes that the current standings are of little importance at this stage of the season. Last year, Arsenal found themselves in a similar position before Christmas, but they were eventually surpassed by Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, who secured their third consecutive English title with an impressive 12-game winning streak. Arteta acknowledges the league’s capriciousness and recognizes that definitive judgments cannot be made yet due to the extensive journey ahead.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Arteta expressed, “I believe it holds no significance at this stage. We still have a considerable distance to cover. Each match is a demanding duel between two teams, irrespective of the opponent. We all encounter challenges and must exert immense effort to secure victories. There are no exemptions in this regard. We face the same circumstances.” During the game against Brighton, Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus and Kai Havertz successfully scored goals, leading their team to achieve their fifth successive win in their home league matches. Arteta expressed great satisfaction with his team’s defensive display, as they became the first team to deny Brighton from scoring in a premier league game this season.

Arteta commended the outstanding performance saying, “It was an exceptional display. The manner in which we confronted the formidable Brighton team was truly remarkable. I feel immense pride for our players and their exceptional performance. We persevered, maintained belief, and enjoyed a highly successful afternoon.” Arteta recognized the danger presented by Brighton, emphasizing their capacity to find the back of the net and their well-prepared squad. He stressed the significance of sustaining the identical standard of play and commitment in forthcoming games.

“We should feel immense pride for the display we exhibited. Our focus now is to consistently replicate this level of performance, maintaining the same attitude and conduct on the field with each goal. Additionally, playing alongside this enthusiastic crowd brings tremendous delight and significantly influences the team. We will persist and continue to push forward.”

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