Get the Latest Betting Odds and Predictions for Juventus vs Torino – Serie A: Matchday (8)

The Allianz Stadium: Saturday’s Match with a 6:00pm GMT Kick-off

Juventus has accumulated an impressive 14 points this season, leading up to this highly anticipated match.

Juventus, under the guidance of Massimiliano Allegri, are eager to bounce back from their recent 0-0 draw against Atalanta in their last Serie A match. The team is determined to achieve a more favorable outcome in their upcoming fixture.

Impressively, Juventus has displayed their ability to triumph, securing four victories in their last seven games this season. Currently positioned fourth in the League, they have accumulated 14 points.

Furthermore, Juventus has been formidable on their home turf, with two wins and one draw in their recent matches. As they prepare to host Torino, they aim to continue their winning streak.

If Juventus manages to secure a victory, their total points for the season will rise to 17, further solidifying their position in the League.

As the Serie A season continues to unfold, Torino has successfully accumulated nine points.

Torino’s recent string of poor performances is a cause for concern for manager Ivan Juric. After a 0-0 draw against Hellas Verona and a loss to Lazio, the team needs to regroup. While they will be motivated for their next match, it is important for them to remain cautious.

Furthermore, Torino has struggled to consistently secure wins, with only two draws in their last three games. Currently sitting in tenth place in the League with nine points, they need to find a way to turn things around.

When it comes to away games, Torino’s record is far from impressive, with only one victory and two defeats. As they prepare to face Juve, they will need to improve their performance on the road.

A win in the upcoming match would bring Torino’s point total to 12.

Juventus vs Torino – Head-to-Head

In their long-standing rivalry, Juventus and Torino have clashed on the field 44 times in the past. The scales have heavily tipped in favor of Juventus, with 29 victories compared to Torino’s 5. Furthermore, Torino has suffered defeat in 10 out of their last 19 encounters with Juventus. The most recent face-off between these two teams took place in February 2023, resulting in a 4-2 triumph for Juventus.

In summary, Juventus is currently the favored team to win the contest with a rating of 49.02%. On the other hand, Torino has very low chances of winning. A draw between the two teams is rated at 32.36%.

Performance Report

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