Darmstadt 98 vs Mainz: Bundesliga Matchday (11) Betting Odds and Predictions

Experience the Thrill: Live Action at Merck-Stadion am Böllenfalltor – Saturday’s 3:30pm GMT Kick-off

Darmstadt 98 enters this match with a solid seven points in their pocket.

Is this to be the game where Darmstadt 98 puts a halt to their recent record of poor results? They go into this fixture on the back of two recent defeats to Bochum and Bayern Munich. Suffering seven losses in 10 fixtures is a terrible run of form for any club, and Torsten Lieberknecht’s Darmstadt 98 will be hopeful of turning it around. With a fifteenth position in the league and 2 wins, 7 losses, and 1 draw, they currently have seven points. Darmstadt 98 have won one game, drawn one game, and lost three matches of their five League matches at home this season. A victory for Darmstadt 98 would put them on 10 points.

Mainz, who have been facing difficulties lately, are set to visit Merck-Stadion am Böllenfalltor this Saturday with high hopes of securing a favorable outcome.

Mainz come to this fixture on the back of a victory, having beaten RB Leipzig 2-0 at the OPEL Arena. The relegation zone is not where Mainz want to be at the end of the season, but that is where they are heading, unless they can get out of their losing habit. The 05ers have lost six of their last 10 games in the Bundesliga. With six points, they are established in seventeenth position in the League having won one game, drawn three fixtures, and lost six fixtures. Mainz have drawn two games and lost three matches of their five League matches playing away this season. A win in this fixture would take Mainz’s points to 9 in the League.

Title: Mainz Struggling to Escape Relegation Zone in Bundesliga

Mainz’s recent victory against RB Leipzig has provided a glimmer of hope for the team as they strive to avoid the dreaded relegation zone. However, their losing streak has put them in a precarious position. Out of their last 10 Bundesliga games, Mainz has suffered defeat in six. With a total of six points, consisting of one win, three draws, and six losses, they currently occupy the seventeenth spot in the League standings. On their away matches, Mainz has managed to secure only two draws and suffered three losses out of five games. A triumph in this upcoming fixture would boost Mainz’s points to 9 in the League, offering them a much-needed respite from the relegation battle.

Darmstadt 98 vs Mainz – Head-to-Head

In terms of their past encounters, Mainz has emerged as the stronger team with a higher number of wins. Out of their last four meetings, Mainz has secured two victories, while Darmstadt 98 has managed to win only once. Additionally, Mainz has displayed remarkable success when playing away against Darmstadt 98, triumphing in three out of their last two encounters. The most recent clash between these two teams in this competition took place in March 2017, resulting in a 2-1 win for Darmstadt 98.

In summation:
– Currently, Darmstadt 98 has a very low chance of winning.
– Mainz also has a very low chance of winning.
– A draw between the two teams is rated at 28.74%.

Players to watch

It’s great to see your favourite player in action, but with an anytime goalscorer wager you can have that extra boost of emotions! For Darmstadt 98, Marvin is a top performing player who has scored three goals in 10 League games so far, while Anthony contributed with two goals in 10 League fixtures this season for Mainz.

Other players of note for Darmstadt 98 are Tobias and Tim with three goals and three goals respectively and for Mainz are Jae-Sung and Leandro with two goals and two goals respectively.

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