Atlanta Hawks vs Washington Wizards on February 28 2023

The Atlanta Hawks (27-24) will face the Washington Wizards (24-30) at 7:30 pm ET on Tuesday, February 28 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta. Both of these teams want to win this mid-season contest to build on their place in the standings, so remember to tune in after placing your bets!

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Recent Performances

The Atlanta Hawks beat the Chicago Bulls in their most recent game on Wednesday, 104-124, due to Trae Young’s great effort, the squad conquered their opponents. Young amassed 37 points (83.33 FG%, five 3-pointers), whereas Reddish brought in 15 points (54.55 FG%). The Atlanta Hawks are currently in 8th place in the conference.

The Washington Wizards are presently in 10th place in the conference. In their most recent game they were defeated by the Philadelphia 76ers, 113-107, despite of the efforts of Russell Westbrook. Not to mention, Russell Westbrook contributed 21 points (40.91 FG%), 11 rebounds and 15 assists and Bradley Beal had 31 points (50.0 FG%).

Absences and Injuries

As for injuries, the Wizards have no injured players that are ruled out. Kristaps Porzingis (Knee) and Monte Morris (Back) are listed as questionable. The Hawks show zero injured players ruled out.

Head-to-Head Performances

This season, these squads haven’t wrestled yet and the Atlanta Hawks are ready to battle in their first skirmish with the Washington Wizards. In their last meeting on April 6, 2022, the score was 118-103 in favor of the Atlanta Hawks. In that game, Atlanta Hawks finished with 39 rebounds and 26 assists while Washington Wizards ended with 44 rebounds and 26 assists. Elsewhere on the stat sheet, the Hawks had a 46.74% field goal percentage and a 41.03% three pointer percentage, whereas the Wizards had a 48.84% field goal percentage and shot a 28.57% 3-pointer percentage.

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