WTA Finals Women Singles

Unlike other sports, women’s tennis tournaments have always been popular and entertaining sporting events. The prize money given at the biggest tennis events is the same for male and female tennis players, which has been the case for quite a while now.

There are over 50 women’s tennis tournaments in the world, four of which are grand slams. It goes without saying that most spectators are mostly interested in singles rather than doubles.

One of the most watched women’s tennis tournaments in the world is the WTA Finals. It is also a very popular event for sports bettors, and many of them use sportsbet.io to place bets. Below you can read everything there is to know about the WTA Finals Women Singles before you start betting.

Basic Information About the WTA Finals Women Singles

The WTA Finals is a tennis tournament organized by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). This tennis event is played annually at the end of every season. It was founded back in 1972 and featured the name “Virginia Slims Circuit,” based on the tournament sponsor.

Since 2003, the format of the WTA Finals consists of eight singles players, which are divided into two round-robin groups.

In case you are familiar with round-robin groups, they are constructed in a way where every player meets every other participant. The eight female tennis players that compete in this tournament are based on the top WTA world rankings list.

The WTA Finals Tournament was first held in October 1972 in Boca Raton, Florida, but in 1977 it was moved to Madison Square Garden in New York. After that, this sporting event was moved several times to major cities all around the world, such as Munich, Madrid, Doha, Istanbul, and many more.

This major tournament provides the largest payouts in women’s tennis, with total prize money of $5 million. It is also responsible for giving the most ranking points after the majors.

You should know that the most successful player in the WTA Finals Women Singles is Martina Navratilova with a total of 8 triumphs. She also holds the record for the most WTA Finals Doubles with 13 trophies.

WTA Finals Women Singles Types of Bets

Before you join a reputable sportsbook like sportsbet.io and start placing bets on the WTA Finals Women Singles matches, you must be aware of all the bet types that you can use. They are basically the same as any other tennis event, with just a few additional betting options.

Here are some of the most popular bet types that you can place on one or multiple matches, or on the whole tournament.

Outright Match Winner

As in all sporting events, betting on the outright winner of a match is possibly the most common type of bet used by bettors. With this wagering option, you are placing a bet on the player that you think will manage to win the match.

There are no draws in the WTA Finals Women Singles, meaning that you can use the outright match-winner bet on either player.

Outright Tournament Winner

With the outright tournament winner, you get a chance to choose one of the eight tennis players that you think will win the WTA Finals Women Singles tournament. This is a tough bet to place, as all players competing in this event are on top of their game.

It is worth noting that placing an outright tournament winner early in the season comes with better odds. However, you never know which player will be in the best shape or whether they are healthy enough to play.

To Reach the Final

You are also allowed to guess which player will reach the final. This type of bet doesn’t require them to win the tournament, as long as they compete in the last match.

The chances for winning this type of bet are pretty good as there are only 8 women players competing in the WTA Finals Women Singles.

Correct Score

The correct score bet is used to correctly predict the score of a WTA Finals Women Singles match. It comes with a bigger payout than the outright winner bet, as it is tougher to predict the actual score.

Total Games

With the total games bet, you are betting on the number of games that you think will be played during a particular match. The bookmakers usually set the over/under, which is different for each match.

You can either place “over” if you think that the number of games will surpass the mark or “under” for a lower number of total games.

Winning by Sets

Every tennis match is won in sets. Now, reputable sportsbooks such as sportsbet.io allow you to bet on the total number of sets the match winner will win during a match. It is worth noting that the matches in the WTA Finals Women Singles are played in best-of-three formats.

Set Winner

The set winner bet works the same way as the outright winner bet, but instead of betting on the whole match, you wager on a particular set that the player must win. For a better chance of winning with this bet, you can use it when placing live bets after seeing the outcome of the first or second set.

Tiebreak in a Match

Since only the best women players compete in the WTA Finals Women Singles, it is very common to see breaks during the sets. Bookmakers provide you with the option to bet if there will be tiebreaks during the match.

Here, you should know that the winner of the set is irrelevant to the bet. You just bet whether a tiebreak will happen or not.

Number of Aces Served

Winning points with an ace serve is a common way for players to take advantage or lower the score difference. Particularly if the player is known for its heavy hitters.

This bet allows you to bet on the number of aces that will occur during a WTA Finals Women Singles match. It doesn’t matter if one or two players score the aces, just as long as they keep coming.

Set Scoreline

The set scoreline bet is used when you would like to guess the correct score of a set. This bet type can either include the outright winner bet or just the set scoreline bet. For instance, you can bet that a player will win a particular set by 6:4.

Group Winner

Last but not least, we have the group winner bet. This is a straightforward bet in which you predict which female player will finish first in her group at the WTA Finals Singles.

Betting Odds in the WTA Finals Women Singles

Understanding the betting odds in the WTA Finals Women Singles is super easy, and it is very similar to other sporting events. The odds of each type of bet show how much money you can win if the wager goes through.

The more money you place on the bet, the bigger the payout. For instance, if a player is given 2/1 odds of winning the match, you can expect to win 2 times your stake.

When looking at the outright match-winner bets, you will notice that one of the players has smaller odds of winning. This means that the bookmakers see that player as the favorite to win the match.

How to Bet on WTA Finals Women Singles

Placing a bet on the WTA Finals Women Singles is a very simple task that can be done in just a couple of minutes. However, you must first register a betting account at a reputable sportsbook, such as sportsbet.io. You will complete this process quickly, as the procedure involves typing in basic information about yourself.

The next step is to deposit some funds into your betting account. That is done from the cashier section, which requires you to choose a payment method and type in the desired amount.

Once your betting account is funded, you can head over to the sports section and select tennis from the list of available sports. Then you will need to look for the WTA Finals Women Singles matches. They might be presented in a separate subcategory or listed with all other tennis matches.

Then you can decide which match to bet on and which bet type to choose. Click on the betting market to place the wager, and then click on the “Confirm” button to finalize it. All that is left now is to enjoy theWTA Finals Women Singles matches and wait for the bet slip to materialize.

Tips for Betting on WTA Finals Women Singles

If you are just starting out with betting on the WTA Finals Women Singles, then you shouldn’t worry as we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts has constructed a list of tips that you can use when placing bets on this popular tournament. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Watch as many matches as possible so you can evaluate the players even better.
  • Be aware of all betting markets and choose the one that you think is most likely to bring you a profit.
  • Look up the statistics and read about recent events concerning the players.
  • Use a good betting strategy to maximize your chances of winning.
  • Have a live betting plan at the ready in case your initial bet doesn’t go as planned.
  • Look for sportsbook bonuses to boost your odds.

Remember and apply these tips when betting on the WTA Finals Singles, as they can significantly increase your bankroll.


Why bet on WTA Finals Singles?

The WTA Finals Singles is one of the most popular female tennis tournaments that bring together the best eight tennis players at one stage. Every match is highly entertaining and can bring many unexpected turnovers.

What types of bets can I place on the WTA Finals Singles matches?

There are all kinds of bets that you can use when wagering on the WTA Finals Women Singles matches. The most popular betting options are outright match or tournament winner bets, correct score bets, set winner bets, group winner bets, total games bets, and more.

What’s live betting on WTA Finals Singles?

When we refer to “live betting” on the WTA Finals Singles, we mean placing bets after the match starts. This is a very popular way of betting on this tennis tournament, as you get the chance to see how things are shaping up in the match before placing a wager.