World Cup 2022 Betting

When talking about football competitions and events, the World Cup is still considered the biggest in the world. This is quite understandable, as the competition is played by six continental zones— Europe, North and Central America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and South America. 

There are several fantastic things about the 2022 World Cup hosted in Qatar. It is the first time a Middle Eastern country will have such an honour. An estimated $200+ billion was said to have gone into setting up the stadiums and other infrastructures for the competition. Not just that, it is the last World Cup that will feature 36 teams, as the 2026 World Cup is proposed to feature 48 teams. 

World Cup 2022 Teams

Betting on the World Cup can be fun. You get to see favourite players like Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappé, Neymar, and DeBruyne in their national team shirts as they try to bring glory to their countries. Not just that, you also get to see some stunning goals, upsets, and skills, all adding to the thrill of the tournament. 

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, the 2022 World Cup features 32 teams. The host nation, Qatar, is automatically seeded into Group A along with the Netherlands, Senegal, and Ecuador. Group B features England, USA, Iran and Wales, while Group C features Poland, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. In Group D, the 2018 World Cup Champions, France leads the group with Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia. Group E features Spain, Japan, Germany, and Costa Rica. 

In Group F, the 2018 World Cup runner-up, Croatia, is paired with Morocco, Belgium, and Canada. Group G features Brazil, Switzerland, Cameroon and Serbia, while Group H features Portugal, Ghana, South Korea and Uruguay. 

Outright Betting on the World Cup 2022

As a sports punter, you can place different types of bets on the world cup tournament. But one of the common bet types that pro players go for is outright betting, which is available at the best online bookmakers. Outright betting in the World Cup involves betting on the team you think will win the competition. The good thing is that the odds of this kind of bet are usually high. But as you may have guessed, the odds for underdogs winning the tournament are typically higher than those of favourite teams. 

Apart from outright bets on who will win the competition, you may also find bets on the runner-up and third-place positions. And one beautiful thing about football is that almost anything can happen, as we’ve seen underdogs win football leagues and competitions. 

World Cup Betting Odds and Markets

Odds mean a lot in the world of betting. The odds assigned to an event will determine the potential amount you can win when you bet on it. offers the best odds for the World Cup and other sporting events. 

But great odds are not the only thing pro punters consider when placing bets on World Cup events or other football competitions. They also think over the different betting markets and options available, as this will decide whether they can bet on their predictions. Here are a few common markets and options for World Cup betting.

3-Way Match Winner

This is one of the most popular markets in sports betting, especially when a favourite team is playing an underdog. Here, you bet on who will win an event or if the outcome will end as a tie in the regular 90-minutes playtime. For instance, if Argentina is playing Portugal, you can bet on Argentina to win, Portugal to win, or the game should end in a tie.

Totals Under/Over

This is another common betting market available for events in the World Cup. You will predict if the total number of an occurrence will be under or over a value specified by a bookie. For instance, in a game of France versus Belgium, you can bet that the total number of goals scored will be over 4.5. If the total number of goals scored is five or more, you win, while if it is below five, you lose. Other occurrences with totals under/over are cards, substitutions and booking points.


You can also bet on handicaps in World Cup events, but this market is usually dealt by pro bettors. A handicap is a positive or negative advantage that a bookmaker gives to a team. For instance, if a favourite team in the World Cup plays an underdog, a bookie can give the underdog a +3 (positive) handicap. If you bet on the underdog to win with the handicap, your bet wins even if the team loses by a 2-goal difference. Similarly, a bookmaker can give a -2 (negative) handicap to the favourite team. If you bet on the favourites to win, your bet will win if the team wins by at least three goal difference. 

Correct Score

For most, if not all, World Cup events, you will also be able to bet on the correct scores. This is, as it sounds, betting on the scoreline of the game’s outcome. One impressive thing about this market is that it usually comes with high odds, leading to higher potential winnings. However, as you may have guessed, it’s not the easiest to predict, which explains why it’s not too common among sports punters.

Draw No Bet

This betting market works as the regular 3-way match-winning bet, but offers a sort of security. If the team you bet on does not win but draws, you get your money back. However, if the team loses, you lose your bet. Draw No Bet (DNB) is different from double chance, where you can bet on the home team to win or draw, away to win or draw, or either team to win. 

Proposition Bets

Besides regular betting markets, the best bookmakers, like, offer proposition betting on World Cup events. These markets do not rely on the overall outcome of the game for you to win. Generally, there are player proposition bets and team proposition bets. An example of player prop bets is when you stake on the player to win the Most Valuable Player of the tournament, the highest goalscorer or highest assist. Team props include betting on the team to score the highest number of goals, the team to score the first goal in a match, and so on. 


Also called parlays, an accumulator bet is a betting option, not a market. It lets you combine several bets to form a single wager. The good thing about this bet type is that potential payout is usually higher as the odds of each event are multiplied. However, if one of the events in your betting slip loses, the entire bet loses. 

System/Round Robin Bets

This betting option allows you to combine events in a round-robin style. It involves creating a set of parlay bets and combining them in a specific fashion. The idea behind this betting option is that if one of the parlay bets in the combination loses, others may win. However, in some cases, the winnings may not be up to the total bet amount placed, and there is also a possibility to lose all your bets. 

World Cup Live Betting

While futures betting is common in World Cup betting, many punters worldwide also love to bet on live World Cup events. With futures betting, you are staking money on an event yet to be played, maybe a few hours, days, or weeks ahead. However, live betting involves betting on events currently in play, so you can use the current occurrences in the game to determine the best bets to place. has a superb live betting platform where you can wager on in-play World Cup events. You will find the best markets and can take advantage of the fluctuating odds to stand a chance to win big. 

World Cup Live Streaming

When you play at the best online sports betting sites, you may be able to stream World Cup events in real-time. This is great as it means you can catch your favourite teams’ actions and follow your bets. However, some operators may provide live-streaming services to only registered players or to players who have funded their accounts. 

World Cup Bonuses and Promotions

Sports betting is fun, especially when you play at the best online bookies that offer the best bonuses and promotions. After all, bonuses can help boost players’ bankrolls, allowing them to place more wagers and win more money. At, you can claim many great bonuses and offers. Let’s discuss a few of them.

Welcome Bonuses

Also called sign-up bonuses, a welcome bonus is an exclusive offer to newly registered players. Top sportsbooks offer this bonus to welcome new players to their platform and help them hit the ground running. Sports betting welcome bonuses can come in different forms, such as no-deposit bonuses, match bonuses, and free bets. You may even be able to claim a special welcome bonus during the World Cup events. 

Match Bonuses

This is a common sports bonus available during the World Cup tournament. In this offer, a bookie matches the amount that a player deposits by a certain percentage and offers it as a bonus. However, there is usually a limit to the bonus amount, which is specified in the promotion. For example, you may enjoy a 100% match bonus on your first deposit of up to $100 at a bookie. So if you make a first deposit of $100 or more, you get $100 as bonus money. 

Cashback Bonuses

Some top online bookmakers offer players cashback bonuses. This type of bonus lets you recoup your losses, as it is offered as a percentage of losses made over a specific period. But like match bonuses, there is also a cap on the bonus amount you can receive. Cashback bonuses can be offered to new and existing customers, depending on the particular promotion and its instructions. 

Free Bets

As a sports bettor, you can also claim free bets when you play at the best World Cup betting sites. Free bet is a type of bonus where a bookie offers you free betting credits after making a qualifying deposit or placing a qualifying wager. You will get the bonus regardless of whether your original qualifying wager wins or losses. Free bet is one of the most common forms of welcome bonus you can claim online. 

Risk-Free Bets

This is a form of free bet that you can claim at the best online sports betting sites. But the major difference is that the bonus will only be added to players’ accounts if their qualifying wager loses. Like free bets, risk-free bets can be offered as a percentage of the qualifying wager, but it is usually a 100% match bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses refer to promotional offers you can claim without the requirement to fund your betting account. They are considered by many to be the best bonus, but are not as common as deposit bonuses. In most cases, no deposit bonuses are offered as free betting credits and are often limited to newly registered players when they complete their registration for the first time. 

VIP Program

Some leading bookmakers have a VIP program where members can enjoy special perks and rewards for their loyalty. These rewards may include exclusive bonuses, dedicated managers, faster withdrawals, automatic qualification for tournaments, invitations to VIP events, and so on. In some cases, players may also earn points for real money wagers and deposits. They can accumulate these points and trade them for bonus money or bonus codes. 

How to Bet on World Cup

If you are new to sports betting, you’ll be happy to know that betting on the World Cup is pretty straightforward. In this section, we will discuss the entire process, so you can get started betting on your favourite events in the World Cup in no time. 

Create an Account

The first step to betting on the World Cup is creating an account with a top sportsbook like This process is easy and fast. Click on the Register/Sign Up button to load the registration form and provide the required details like your email address, name, date of birth, etc. After that, accept the terms and conditions after carefully reading them and tick other boxes that apply. Once you submit the form, you will likely receive a verification link in your email. Click on this link to activate your betting account and start using it. 

Fund Account

With an active betting account, add some money to use to wager on World Cup events. When you play at a top online bookmaker, you can choose from many safe, easy-to-use and fast deposit methods for this process. At this point, consider claiming the welcome bonus after carefully reading the instructions. 

Select World Cup Events and Odds

Once you have money in your betting account, head to the Sports section and click on the World Cup tab. You may need to click on the “International” section at some bookmakers to see this tab, which will show you all the available World Cup games and bets. Choose the game(s) you want to bet on from the list and select your preferred market according to your prediction. You will see the odds offered for the prediction, which you can click on to add to your betting slip. 

Specify Wager Type and Amount

After selecting all your World Cup predictions, specify the type of wager you want to place, whether singles, accumulators, or systems/round robins. You should be able to do this in your betting slip section, and you can also specify the amount you want to bet. Be aware that most bookies have a minimum and maximum amount players are allowed to wager. Likewise, there may be a maximum amount you are allowed to win from a bet. 

Place Bet

Once you’ve specified your wager type and bet amount, the last step is where you place the bet. Click the “Place Bet” button or something similar, and you should get a notification to let you know if the action is successful. After your bet is placed, you should see your selection in the betting history of your My Account, and you can follow the progress of the bet from there. 

Improve Your Winning Chances Betting on World Cup

If you are considering betting on the World Cup and want to stand a chance to win, you should consider some factors. These factors are strategies that will help guide your predictions and the type of wagers you place. 

Check Head-to-Head Stats

Some may argue that this is only important in football leagues like the English Premier League or the Spanish La Liga. However, checking head-to-head statistics in World Cup events should be one of the few things you should do before placing your wagers. Check how many times the teams have played recently, whether in friendlies or other tournaments, and use the statistics to deduce which team has the upper hand. However, you must remember that national team squads can change easily, as newer players with impressive performance can be called up while older ones are left out.

The Favourites Don’t Always Win

One mistake that many newbie sports punters make is always expecting the favourites to win. However, there are cases where an underdog may beat a favourite team because of the importance of the game. For instance, a team with 6 points in the group stage of a World Cup competition may rest some players or not put in their best in their last game in the group stage as they’ve already qualified. In such cases, an underdog who needs the game more can pull an upset and win. 

Check Current Form

Another important aspect to consider betting on the World Cup or any sport is the current form of the teams involved. Check how well the teams performed during the qualifiers and other competitions. If a team is on a winning streak, it’s in good form and will surely give its all to continue winning. 

Don’t Bet With Your Heart

As a sports bettor, you want to avoid the temptation of betting with your heart. It is common to see punters wager on a team just because they are die-hard fans. Avoid letting your emotions riddle your judgement. Instead, be realistic and place bets after you’ve carefully done your research. 

Mobile Betting on the World Cup

With the continuous increase in the mobile penetration rate around the world, being able to bet on your favourite sports from your phone is pretty significant. At the best sports betting sites, you can bet on the go on the World Cup with ease on your smartphones and tablets. You may even be able to download native sports betting apps on your Android and iOS device for the complete mobile gambling experience. 

Apart from being able to bet on mobile, you can claim bonuses, fund your betting account, withdraw winnings and perform every other action available on desktop betting sites. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I win betting on the World Cup?

Yes, you can. When you bet on the World Cup games and your prediction is correct, you win the bet you place. The amount you win is determined by the odds of the events and your wager.

Where can I bet on the World Cup?

You can bet on the World Cup at the best online sports betting platforms like, which operate with a valid licence and offer top-notch services.

Can I claim bonuses for betting on the World Cup?

Yes. Top online bookmakers offer different kinds of bonuses during World Cup. These include free bets, risk-free bets, match bonuses and special welcome bonuses. 

What are the popular World Cup betting markets?

Numerous betting markets and options are available for the World Cup. A few of the popular ones are:

  • 3-way match-winner
  • Totals under/over
  • Handicaps
  • Correct score
  • Draw no bet

Can I stream World Cup events on a bookie?

Some top online sports betting platforms let players stream sporting events, including the World Cup, on their platform. You will need to head to the live betting section to select the game you want to stream.