A Complete Guide to Virtual Sports Betting

The sports betting industry has been increasing over the years, and a lot of development is happening. One of the latest developments in the world of sports betting is virtual sports betting. Unlike real-world sports, virtual sports are games you’ll find online that involve you staking your bets on digital matches.

Virtual sports betting is becoming increasingly popular among punters around the world. Interestingly, you’ll find different betting markets on our platform. There’s something for every player, from football to horse racing, greyhound racing, and motorcycle racing. This article is for you if you’re new to virtual sports betting. Here, we’ll explore everything you need to get started with virtual sports betting.

What are Virtual Sports?

Before we explain how you can bet on virtual sports, it’ll make more sense if you understand what these games are. Virtual sports are simply simulated versions of real-world sports events. They are computer-generated sports where complex algorithms determine the game’s results.

Virtual sports have been around for many years. And the first-ever version is the simulated baseball game created in 1961 by John Burgeson, an IBM engineer. If you have ever played a simulated game before, you would agree that there is so much fun in watching the simulation of a football match.

Since then, technology has advanced, and virtual sports use motion capture technology and complex algorithms to provide realistic 3D animation, graphics, and fair outcomes.

What Sports are Covered?

Another thing you need to familiarize yourself with before you start wagering on virtual games for real money is the kinds of sports covered. Virtual games cover all the major real-life sports you can think of. These include but are not limited to football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and horse racing. At Sportsbet.io, you can access these sports and even more.

One thing that makes the games more thrilling is that players in virtual games usually have real-life counterparts. This makes it easy for you to decide who to bet your money on, as the player will be designed to match the performance of their real-world counterparts.


This is the most popular sport to bet on in the real world, so it’s not surprising that it’s also the most popular in the virtual world. One of the things you need to note about virtual sports is that the match duration is shorter than that of actual sports. Instead of 90 minutes, we should look at less than 4 minutes for a match. Another thing you should understand is that you can bet on live virtual football games, but there are other bets you can place, such as the number of goals, over/under, match winner, and both teams to score.

Horse Racing

This is another popular sport you can bet on in the virtual world. Though it’s not as popular as real-world sports, there are several markets you can bet on to ensure you enjoy an outstanding betting experience. You can bet on the top 3, the winner, and more. 


This virtual sport is growing increasingly popular among online bookmakers, so you can expect to enjoy incredible action on our site. Like the real-world sport, you’ll find several virtual tennis games on different surfaces, including clay, grass, and concrete. However, you should note that virtual tennis only lasts one set, unlike the real one, which can last 3 to 4 sets. 


While cycling is not a popular sport for betting in the real world, several fans love to wager on virtual cycling events. The graphics are excellent, allowing you to watch the race from different angles, just like you would when watching a live TV cycling race. This adds to the thrills of betting on virtual cycling.

Formula 1

If you’re a motorsports fan, there’s also a place for you in the virtual world. You can bet on motorsports like Formula 1. The racers will go for two or three laps maximum, and you must stake your bet before the race starts. Like any other virtual sport available online, you can bet on live virtual Formula 1. So once the race starts and you haven’t placed your bet yet, you’ll need to wait for the next round.

How do Virtual Sports Work?

The way virtual games work is straightforward. Like online slots, virtual sports use a complex algorithm called a “Random Number Generator,” which is used to determine the game’s outcome. Each player or participant will have an ability score, that is used to weigh the probability of winning for each player or team.

The virtual team with the highest ability is the favorite, and the one with the lowest ability will have lower winning odds. Just like in real-life sports, an element of luck is introduced into the game to make it more fun and unpredictable.

How to Start Betting on Virtual Sports?

You’ll find it as simple to start betting real money on your favorite virtual games as it is to bet on other sports with us. If you already have an account with us, hit the Sign in button to log in with your username and password, and you can start immediately. However, if you’re new, follow the steps below to create an account with us. It’ll only take a few minutes, and you’re done.

Open Your Account

Before you can start placing bets on virtual sports, you need to have an account. The registration process is simple: click the Register button and follow the prompt. You’ll be asked to fill out a registration form by providing your details, such as your date of birth, password, username, email address, country code, and phone number. Once you’re done, click the Create Account button to submit the form, and you’ll be active in no time.

Fund Your Account

Once your account is active, proceed to our cashier section to make your first deposit. Sportsbet.io has a series of top banking options for instant deposits. Deposits on our platform are instant. You can check with your exchange platform or payment provider to know if they charge any fee for using their service.

Make Your Selection 

With real money in your betting account, you can start staking your favorite virtual sports events. You need to click on the virtual sports you want and start making your selection. You’ll see your selection on the right-hand side of the page.

You’ll see your bet selection on the right-hand side of the page. You need to enter the amount you wish to bet, then click the “Place Bet” button to finalize your selection.

Virtual Sports Betting Markets

Now that you understand virtual sports and how to get started, let’s look at the types of bets you can place. Just as virtual games work similarly to real-life sports betting, it shouldn’t be surprising that the best are also in the game. Below are some of the bets you can place while wagering on virtual games.

Match Result

In virtual sports, like football, matches only last around three minutes. Even though the time is less than the real-life 90 minutes, the bet works similarly. You need to predict the team that will win the match within those three minutes. 

Number of Goals

You must know that the time constraint in virtual football won’t allow both teams to score more than four goals. Therefore, you can’t bet on the number of goals being five or more. So you should keep your goal prediction between 0 and 4. 

Over/Under Goals

With the goal cap at around 4, you can’t have up to five goals in a match. So your only betting option in the over/under market is over 1.5 and 2.5 goals.

Each Way

This will divide your bet into a place bet and a winning bet. In this bet type, your selection must either win the game or finish among the predetermined places. 


This is a common bet type in horse or greyhound racing where you need to predict the correct result for a finish in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. 


This is a bet type where you have to make the right selection for the 1st and 2nd place in the exact order. Otherwise, you’ll lose your bet. 

Virtual Sports Betting Advantages

This is a bet in which you must select the correct first and second place finishers in the exact order. Otherwise, you’ll lose your bet.


This is one of the benefits of placing bets on virtual sports. You will have access to a vast range of betting options. You can bet on anything from American football to rugby, soccer, basketball, baseball, horse racing, and table tennis using virtual games. You can also wager on a single game or the entire sports season. If you’re lucky, you can even win more money.

Low Odds

Virtual games have low odds, giving you a higher chance of winning. So you can win plenty of money within a short time – of course, you still need an element of luck. Also, you can use virtual games to test your luck and see who wins a particular competition. 

Test Your Luck

Virtual games are an excellent place to start if you’re new to sports betting. You can use this to test your prediction skills and learn how to read odds without risking your bankroll on real-life sports. 

Virtual Sports Live Betting & Live Streaming 

Because of the nature of virtual sports, players won’t be able to bet on live games. However, you can enjoy live streaming. Most bookmakers provide real-time coverage of each virtual event. At Sportsbet.io, they offer superb virtual sports betting with high-quality audio and visual graphics for a more exhilarating betting experience. 

Virtual Sports Betting Disadvantages

Everything that has advantages must also have disadvantages, and virtual sports betting is no exception. Below are some of the disadvantages that come with virtual sports betting. 


Like all online betting that depends on the Random Number Generator, winning in virtual sports depends on luck. You need to make the correct prediction to win money. So when betting on virtual games, you should keep responsible gaming in mind.

No Real Betting Experience

Betting on virtual games doesn’t give you an actual betting experience. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. The advantage is that you don’t need to risk your practice with virtual games. However, the disadvantage is that it doesn’t give you experience in case you want to switch to real-life betting in the future. 

Limited Information

Some virtual games only provide limited information about the players, coaches, statistics, and team, which might make it challenging to predict the outcome of a match or tournament. So even if you’re a pro at betting predictions, you might still have a lesser chance of winning when betting on virtual sports.

Virtual Sports vs. Real Sports Betting

Though virtual sports try to simulate real-life sports betting, there are some differences you should be aware of. As we have mentioned earlier, virtual sports betting is random, and it’s challenging to make intelligent decisions based on what you know. However, this is a downside for most avid sports bettors, as their knowledge and prediction skills won’t help them when wagering on virtual games. 

Additionally, there is no emotion when it comes to virtual sports betting compared to real-life sports, where fans are attached to a particular player or team. This can be an upside because there are no emotions to cloud your judgment when making a bet. 

Due to the random number generator, virtual sports are more volatile than real sports betting, which adds more thrills to the game. Even though winning is more challenging, it’s usually more fun. 

Tips While Placing Bet on Virtual Sports

As mentioned earlier, betting on virtual sports is more volatile than betting on real ones. Even though winning is based on luck, there are some tips you can use to increase your winning chances. Find some of them below.

Bet Responsibly

As mentioned earlier in this guide, betting on virtual sports is highly volatile, and you can lose your money. Therefore, you need to always keep responsible gaming in mind. This means that you need to set a betting budget and stick to it. Don’t spend too much money at a time. You can set daily, weekly, or monthly bet limits. 

Visual sports are fun, so it’s possible to get lost while betting, and you’ll keep betting until you exhaust your bankroll. Losing is part of gambling, so avoid chasing losses, as this can lead to financial issues. When betting on virtual sports or any other sports, you should only use the money you can afford to lose. Don’t bet with your house rent or the cash meant for your survival. And while you’re still on top. 

Analyze the Odds

Even though the outcomes of virtual sports games are random, there are some strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning. One of the best ways is to base your stake on the winning probability. For instance, in horse racing, some horses are more likely to win than others. 

This is designed to ensure the perfect simulation of real-world sports, as different horse or football players have distinct strengths and weaknesses. So when staking on virtual sports, it’s essential to check the odds and base your decisions on them. If you want to enjoy small but frequent payouts, you should focus on events with the lowest odds. 

But we still want you to remember that there’s no 100% sure strategy that can guarantee you a win in virtual sports. As a result, when betting with real money, punters should exercise extreme caution.

Don’t Look For Patterns

It’s common among most punters to look for patterns when placing a bet on any sports event. Though this can be reasonable when betting on real sports, it doesn’t apply to virtual sports. The outcome of virtual sports is entirely random, and like casino games, there’s a fixed advantage in favor of the bookmaker. The reality is that there are no patterns, so don’t waste your time looking for one. 

Emotions Don’t Exist in Virtual Sports

Another tip you should keep in mind is that human emotions don’t exist in virtual sports since a complex computer algorithm generates the outcomes. Virtual sports don’t have human emotions like real-world sports, so digital athletes don’t feel motivated when playing in high-stakes competitions or when playing against a rival. So if you’re betting on virtual football matches, ensure that you don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment when making your betting decisions. 

Take Advantage of Virtual Betting Bonuses

There are various bonuses you can claim on your virtual sports betting journey, just like in other sports betting.You can boost your bankroll with these bonuses, giving you more chances to bet on your favorite virtual games. You can claim bonuses such as a welcome offer, free bets, and deposit bonuses.

For deposit bonuses, you need to fund your account with a qualifying amount to claim them. But free bets are offered to players when they place a real money bet and lose. Regardless of the bonuses available, it’s vital that you read the terms and conditions before you claim them. This tells you the requirements and what you need to do to get the most out of the offer.

Future of Virtual Betting

Technology is growing rapidly, and interest in virtual sports is increasing. So the future of virtual sports betting is promising. Virtual sports will improve their visuals and graphics to offer players a more immersive and exciting gaming experience. We’ll also see an advancement in the number of betting markets available.

Who knows, even live virtual sports betting can make an appearance – anything is possible. At Sportsbet.io, they’ll keep pace with technological trends and update our virtual sports offerings.


How to play virtual sports games?

Playing virtual sports games is easy. So even if you’re new to the sport, you’ll find it easy to grasp the rules. To start playing virtual games with us, you must first register on our platform and find it easy to grasp the rules. To start playing virtual games with us, you must first register on our platform. The registration process is easy. Just click the “Register” button at the top of the page and follow the instructions. You can begin betting once you create an account with us and deposit real money.

Can I bet on live virtual bets?

No. Unlike real sports betting, you can’t bet on live virtual games. So that means you need to stake your bet before the game begins. Once the game starts, you won’t be able to bet again, and you’ll have to wait for the next game round. 

What is the difference between betting on virtual sports and real sports?

There are several differences between virtual sports and actual sports. First, the duration of virtual sports is shorter. For instance, real-world football matches can last up to 90 minutes, but virtual ones can only last three minutes. So it’s possible to finish a virtual sports competition within a few hours. 

What types of virtual sports are available?

Even though the number of virtual sports available can’t be compared to real sports, there are several options you can enjoy. Some popular virtual sports you can bet on include football, horse racing, cycling, greyhound racing, tennis, and baseball.

Are virtual sports outcomes rigged?

No. While most punters might think virtual games are rigged because winning them is quite challenging, that’s not the case. The sport uses a Random Number Generator to determine the game’s outcome. This ensures that the game’s outcome is fair and random.