T20 World Cup

If you follow cricket, you will probably agree that the Twenty20 format is the most lucrative and attractive form of the sport compared to the other ones. There are tons of domestic T20 leagues in the world, starting with the IPL, BBL, and CBL, but there is one that stands out the most.

The biggest Twenty20 tournament in the entire cricket calendar year is the ICC T20 World Cup, The International Cricket Council organizes and hosts this tournament, and it is played in different nations every two years.

You can look forward to several matches and days of unforgettable experiences if you follow the T20 World Cup, but what if you want to place a few bets on it?

Of course, you cannot just blindly start placing real money bets without knowing all the details of the sport. Thankfully, that is where we at betting.io come in. We will happily walk you through everything you need to know about betting on the T20 World Cup, along with some basic tips and strategies.

What is the T20 World Cup?

Let’s start with the basics. Before you even start thinking about wagering on the T20 World Cup, you need to know exactly what it is. As previously mentioned, the International Cricket Council is in charge of organizing the ICC T20 World Cup, an international Twenty20 competition.

There are 20 teams competing in the World Cup, with 12 teams from the previous tournament getting automatic qualification. The other eight teams secure a spot through the regional qualifiers.

When it comes to the history of the T20 World Cup, the first international Twenty20 match was played in 2005, when Australia beat New Zealand at Eden Park in Auckland. After that, it was first decided that the T20 World Cup would take place every two years, except for one occasion – when a Cricket World Cup is scheduled in the same year. In this scenario, the T20 World Cup will be organized a year before.

With that in mind, the first tournament of this kind was held in South Africa in 2007. India were the champions, as they defeated Pakistan in the grand final. Fast forward to 2014, when the tournament held in Bangladesh saw an increase in the number of teams. This was the first tournament to consist of 16 teams in total.

Finally, in June 2021, the ICC decided that all tournaments up until 2030 would include 20 teams, with the competition having the following rules:

  • Teams will be divided into 4 groups
  • Each group will have 5 teams
  • Top two teams advance to the Super Eights
  • They will then be divided into two groups of four
  • Top two from each group advance to the semi-finals

T20 World Cup Rules and Gameplay

Now that you know how the T20 works and how it is organized, we can now take a closer look at its overall gameplay. This is a brand-new variation of the cricket game that has enthralled fans everywhere. T20 is a fast-paced version of cricket that surely had a big contribution to the sport being so widely followed worldwide.

So, what are the main aspects of the T20 format? Well, you play the games on the standard cricket grounds with the already-established one-day rules. However, there are some small variations in the rules. Some changes happened as the game evolved, but the main framework for rules goes as follows:

  • 20 teams compete in the game,
  • 20 overs per team, 
  • Games last 80 minutes,
  • Teams get run penalties if there is no over completed,
  • There are restrictions in the number of overs – four for each bowler,
  • Keep in mind for the restrictions for 6-covers – the outside circle has two fielders and there are two stationary fielders at the least,
  • You will only see 5 fielders  outside the circle,
  • A no-ball is worth 2 runs then there is a free hit.

T20 World Cup Popularity

If you take a look at the numbers and the hard facts surrounding every T20 World Cup, you will notice that it is one of the most-watched competitions in the world. What is even better is that the viewership numbers tend to increase all the time. Official documents show that the T20 World Cup 2022 had the highest level of digital participation among all the ICC events in history, which speaks volumes about how fast-paced its development is.

People watching the tournaments seem to come from all over the world – with the leading countries being Australia and the UK, which have TV broadcasting agreements. This simply demonstrates the importance of not underestimating cricket’s capacity to draw in new audiences. There is also a growing number of viewers coming from the US and Brazil, but so far, Australia and England seem to dominate the viewership charts.

As the T20 World Cup coverage is available in several languages, even Pashto and Dari language feeds are now available to cricket fans in Afghanistan. England’s successful performances in the T20 World Cup editions have ensured that there is great coverage from the major TV stations in the country. Sure, football is still the number one sport in the UK, but cricket slowly picks up the pace.

T20 World Cup Odds

If you want to understand how T20 World Cup betting works, you first need to understand the importance of odds on cricket betting sites. As is the case with any other major sport in the world, odds represent the likelihood of certain events occurring in the T20 World Cup.

There are three types of odds you can encounter at cricket betting sites:

  • Decimal
  • Fractional
  • Moneyline

Even though they seem different at first glance, no matter which odds you encounter, they all represent the same thing. At first, it may appear confusing to you, especially if you are completely new to the T20 World Cup betting world, but in general, odds represent the ratio between the amount you have staked on the T20 World Cup event and the potential payout.

So, before you start betting on various T20 World Cup events, you need to do your research and find a site that has the most competitive odds.

Popular T20 World Cup Betting Types

You are always spoiled for choice when it comes to your cricket bets. Thankfully, all reputable cricket online betting sites offer various options when it comes to betting types. It doesn’t matter whether you want to place a long-term bet, a proposition bet, or a simple match bet; you have everything at your disposal.

So, with all that in mind, here, we will take a closer look at just some of the most common and popular bet types for the T20 World Cup, and we will group them into separate categories.

T20 World Cup Tournament Bets

We begin with the general bet types for the T20 World Cup, also known as tournament bets. You can always place a bet like this before or during the event. Of course, the odds will change as you wait more and more before placing the bet.

Tournament Winner

Reputable bookies will offer a nice list of nations and their respective odds for winning the T20 World Cup. As is the case with other World Cup competitions, here you will need to predict which nation you think will come out with the big trophy, and there are always clear favorites that have the odds in their favor.

Best Bowler

If you are more focused on players’ performances, then bets such as the best bowler are the right choice for you.

You can always find the stats of popular bowlers taking part in the T20 World Cup online, so you can make a much more informed decision over who may get the reward at the end of the tournament.

Teams to Progress from the Groups

As is the case with tournament winner odds, there will always be clear favorites over which two teams can advance from the four groups at the start of the T20 World Cup.

Teams to Reach the Semi-Final

After teams progress from the group stage, they will advance to the Super Eights and will be divided into groups of four, as mentioned above. So, you can always try to predict which of these teams will claim a spot in the T20 World Cup semi-finals.

Series Bets

Moving on, apart from tournament winners, you can always place different series of bets when the T20 World Cup tournament is in motion. These are the types of bets that you can place on any cricket tournament, so experienced punters will surely be eager to give them a try.

Series bets mean that you will need to bet on the result of a series of matches in the T20 World Cup, as opposed to betting on just one match. There are different numbers of games in a series, which can go up to 5 matches. Let’s see a couple of options you have at your disposal if you are a series betting fan.

Series Winner

As the name itself suggests, a series winner in the T20 World Cup is the team that has won the most matches in the entire tournament.

Series Score

A series score bet is when you try to predict the overall score after the series of games finish. There are different options that the cricket bookies offer you with this bet, so you will not be short of options.

Match Bets

Now, we can mention a few match bets you can place on the T20 World Cup. Match bets are the most popular ones in the cricket betting community, and it is easy to see why. They are relatively easy to understand, but they can generate nice returns if you get lucky.

Match Winner

We begin this section with the most common bet you can make on any sport. Here, you simply need to bet on which nation you think will win the match, regardless of the margin or the correct score.

Innings Run

If you decide to wager on the inning run, you will need to predict how many runs will be scored within the first inning of the game. Very often, bookies present this bet type as an over/under type of wager, which is also relatively simple to understand.

Asian Handicap

Moving on, we have the Asian handicap bet type, which is also quite popular among T20 World Cup bettors. As you may know from watching and betting on other sports, an Asian handicap bet means that one of the teams will start at a slight disadvantage.

Therefore, a simple win will not be enough for the team you back, unlike the match-winner bet. There will always be a margin of victory that the bookie will set for the T20 World Cup game. The team you support will need to win by overcoming that margin.

Player Bets

Up next, we have player bets, which refer to the bets you make on a specific player in a team during the T20 World Cup. With it, you can place wagers on a player’s performance in one game or make a more long-term bet until the end of the tournament.

Man of the Match

First off, we have the man-of-the-match bet type that you can place on any player in any position. As long as you believe the player will have an amazing game and dominate, you can always try your luck here.

Top Bowler

A top bowler bet will allow you to predict which bowler you think will have the most wickets. Of course, you can place this bet on one T20 World Cup game, or you can go for which player will have the most wickets in the entire tournament.

Top Batsman

Next, we have a top batsman bet that is easy to understand. Here, you need to wager on which batsman in the T20 World Cup will have the most goals in the game or the entire tournament.

Top Bowler’s Team

This bet type is very similar to the above-mentioned top bowler one, but here, you need to wager on which team you think the bowler will come to in the T20 World Cup game.

Top Batsman’s Team

Similar to the previous bet type, with a top batsman team bet, you need to try and predict from which team the top batsman will come.

Bowler Match Bets

A bowler match bet is much simpler than a top bowler one. Here, the bookmaker will give you a choice of two players, and all you need to do is choose who you think will have the most wickets in a match or the entire T20 World Cup.

Batsman Match Bets

The last one among the player bets, the batsman match bets, work in the same way as the bowler match bets. Cricket bookies will allow you to choose between two players, and you will need to pick who you think will have the most runs.

Proposition Bets

As opposed to the other types of bets mentioned above, a proposition bet is not related to the outcome of a match or the entire T20 World Cup tournament. You can only make proposition bets on certain things within the game itself.


In an over/under bet, you must decide whether the T20 World Cup’s overall score at the conclusion of a particular game will be higher or lower than the number the bookie has set.

Toss Winner

A toss winner is a bet for all punters who might feel lucky. This is just a coin flip, and you will need to wager on which team you think will win it. Of course, you have a 50-50 chance of getting this one correct.

Odd/Even Runs

Moving on, we have odd/even runs that allow you to wager on the number of runs from a team during a match. As the name itself suggests, you can try your luck with an odd or even number. In the unlikely scenario that there are no runs, that is considered an even number.

Method of Dismissal

With a method of dismissal bet type for the T20 World Cup, you will need to wager on how the batsman will be dismissed.

Live Betting

Live bets deserve a separate mention as they grow in popularity in the cricket betting world. Moreover, special tournaments such as the T20 World Cup allow bookies to present thrilling in-play betting options for all experienced punters to utilize.

If you decide to place a live bet on a game, you will have tons of options at your disposal, from match bets to proposition bets and player bets.

Most Successful T20 World Cup Teams

Well, before you make bets on the T20 World Cup, you need to squeeze in the most information you can obtain. We will cover the main tips and strategies for betting on the T20 World Cup below, but here we can mention that research is key.

So, knowing which nations are the most successful in the T20 World Cup will be more than helpful in making your betting strategy for the next tournament.

In that vein, there have been numerous winners of the T20 World Cup since its emergence. That itself speaks volumes about how competitive it is. The table below will give you an overview of the past winners of the T20 World Cup.

2012West Indies
2014Sri Lanka
2016West Indies

So, as you can see, it is quite difficult to determine which team will be the next champion only by looking at the previous winners. However, that is the beauty of sports betting and the T20 World Cup itself, isn’t it?

T20 World Cup Betting Tips & Strategies

Whenever you bet on the T20 World Cup, you need to have a good strategy in place. Having a strategy will not guarantee you any wins, but that way, you can at least enhance your odds of securing a nice payout.

Plenty of punters make the mistake of thinking that betting is pure luck, and they wager on events they don’t know about. That is the ultimate way for you to lose tons of money.

So, which betting tips can you use when you wager on various events at the T20 World Cup? This betting.io guide will walk you through everything.

Do Your Research

As mentioned above, research is the ultimate starting point for each sports bet you make, not just cricket. You need to check the basics:

  • Which team is successful in the tournament (even though the list of previous winners is very versatile);
  • Are there any injuries to key players
  • Previous top batsman

There are countless options here, but you should never stop researching. Betting on the facts is the closest you can get to a winning strategy for the T20 World Cup.

Don’t Forget About Live Bets

In-live bets are also quite helpful for casual punters in the T20 World Cup. Of course, you need to stay sharp and follow the game as it occurs, but very often, there are live bets that come with great value.

The odds will fluctuate here, as someone can score a quick 50 batting at number 6 and could instantly finish as the top scorer. So, always keep your eyes open when you follow the T20 World Cup; you can always pounce when you think you have found value in a certain game.

Pay Attention to the Pitch

In any game at the T20 World Cup, the pitch can play a big role in how teams approach the event. According to the pitch, there may be different batsmen and bowlers’ strategies.

If the pitch has grass and it is gray overhead, then you can be sure that there will be a swing. Moreover, the bowling side will then make sure that the fast bowlers in their teams are more included in the game, as they will get more help from the pitch.

On the other hand, if you notice that the pitch is dry, then the spin bowlers will most probably benefit from it. You can also take a look at what type of boundaries the stadium where the game is played has. Some stadiums have bigger boundaries than others, so this can be another helpful piece of information for your bets.

See How Teams Cope Against Each Other

If you think about betting on a certain nation to win a particular game at the T20 World Cup, then you should always take a look at how those two teams have coped against each other in the past. As is the case with other sports, nations in the T20 World Cup may have some bogey teams that they struggle to beat historically.

Back Players Who Perform Good under Such Conditions

It goes without saying that cricket becomes an easier sport for players if they are used to the conditions. So, there might be a player who is used to playing on a flat pitch, and if you give them something else, like a slow deck, there is a good chance they will struggle.

For this reason, it is always a wise idea to bet on a player who has a good history of playing in the conditions that they face in the upcoming game.

Read Our Guides

Well, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate place for all your betting strategies, so it is always a good idea for you to check those guides with independent and reliable sites such as Betting.io.

We were also once punters, and we maintained a punter-first approach when writing each review and guide for our readers. We know what you may look for and what you need to avoid, so we can always be helpful at the start of your betting adventure.

How To Bet On T20 World Cup

One part of our guides that we always tend to include is how exactly you can start your betting adventure. Here, we put our focus on the T20 World Cup. Thankfully, there are just a few simple steps to follow before you are able to place a bet on any event during the tournament.

Choose a Legal Cricket Bookie

This is the starting point for all your betting adventures. A reliable and licensed operator is a must if you are to enjoy a safe betting experience. Thankfully, there are tons of those in the international betting market, so you will never be short of options.

Sign Up

Once you know that the site is reliable, you can proceed with the short registration process. Just open the website, find a Register or Sign-Up button, click it, and fill out the necessary information. If you provide the correct information, you will be done with the sign-up procedure in a few minutes.

Deposit and Choose Your Match

All cricket betting sites have minimum and maximum deposit limits you can make when you open your account. Take this into consideration before topping up your account. Once you do that, you can scroll to the sports section, find the T20 World Cup, and choose your match to bet on.

Confirm the Bet

The fun can now begin! You will confirm your bet by placing the amount you wish to wager and clicking on the Confirm button. Now, all you can do is wait, and hopefully, you will secure a nice win early on!

Most Common T20 World Cup Betting Mistakes

Apart from our guide above on which things you should seek to implement when wagering on the T20 World Cup, we can also mention a few things that you should avoid. So, to optimize your betting strategy, make sure to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Registering at unlicensed cricket betting sites;
  • Always playing the safe card and wagering on favorites;
  • Betting on emotions, not pure facts;
  • Chasing losses;
  • Wagering on games you have little information on;
  • Not doing enough research to find the best odds;
  • Mismanaging your bankroll.

Is it Safe to Bet on T20 World Cup?

Here, we once again have to mention the importance of a reliable and licensed cricket betting site. Such a site holds several benefits:

  • Your personal information is safe;
  • You have multiple markets to bet on;
  • You can enjoy fast payouts;
  • You can claim bonuses.

The list can go on and on, but the bottom line is that if you register and wager on online betting sites that have a valid license from a trusted regulator, betting on the T20 World Cup is 100% secure.


Where can I bet on the T20 World Cup?

All reliable operators make sure to offer various betting markets for the T20 World Cup. After all, it is one of the most watched sports tournaments in the entire world, so you will never be short of options.

Do I get bonuses for betting on the T20 World Cup?

Yes, online cricket betting sites seek to promote wagering on the T20 World Cup by offering various bonuses and promotions connected to the tournament. Of course, the exact nature of promotions varies from one sports betting operator to another.

Can I bet on the T20 World Cup on my mobile phone?

Of course, all top-class online betting sites make sure to optimize their websites for all devices. You may even see a site with a fully-functional mobile app, but if not, you can access the website from any mobile browser at any time.