Rugby Union Betting 

Rugby is one of the sports that is around for a very long time, which itself speaks volumes about its popularity. Some people have called rugby a hooligan game played by gentlemen, but that is not quite the case. We don’t agree with the hooligan part, as even though players are tackling each other, there is plenty more to the game than just that.

It is a beautiful game with fast-paced action, handling skills, as well as world-class athleticism. So, let’s take a closer look at one aspect of the sport – Rugby Union.

Rugby Union vs Rugby League – What is the Difference?

If you are new to the sport, we can forgive you for thinking that Rugby Union and Rugby League are the same. However, there are plenty of noticeable differences.

The first one is a very obvious one, and it is about the number of players on the pitch:

  • A Rugby League has two 13-player teams for which you can make 12 changes
  • A Rugby Union has two 15-player teams for which you can make 8 substitutions

Another difference is how points are spread out in both leagues. As such:

  • Try – 5 points in Rugby Union, 4 in Rugby League
  • Conversion – 2 points in Rugby Union, 2 in Rugby League as well
  • Penalty – 3 points in Rugby Union, 2 in Rugby League
  • Drop Goal – 3 points in the Rugby Union, 1 in the Rugby League

Furthermore, there are different rules in terms of tackling in both sports. In Rugby Union, in a tackle, a ruck will form when a player from both teams joins in to challenge the ball.

This is not the case in a Rugby League, though. In it, a tackled player needs to roll the ball back with his feet. Then a so-called chicken scratch will take place, which sees a player from each team compete for the ball.

Moreover, when players kick a ball off the pitch in a Rugby League, a scrum will occur with eight players. If this happens in a Rugby Union, a lineout will take place from the place the ball was out.

Finally, the maximum number of tackles a team can suffer is eight in Rugby League before they give out possession to the opponent. In Rugby Union, there is no such limit.

Looking to Start Betting on the Rugby Union?

Well, by now, you might even be full of confidence that you can start placing real-money wagers on the Rugby Union. However, you shouldn’t just jump into the process unprepared.

Sports betting can be a very complicated activity for newbies in the online gambling world. Even if you have experience following Rugby Union, it doesn’t mean that you can just jump right into real-money bets.

So, if you look to start placing bets on Rugby Union, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important aspects you need to check before you start betting on Rugby Union.

Find a Reputable Sports Betting Site

So much emphasis these days is put on the reliability of sports betting sites, and rightly so. Even though online betting has introduced plenty of positive aspects for punters worldwide, it doesn’t mean that there are no downsides.

There are plenty of cases where people were subject to scams just because they registered and made deposits on unsafe betting websites.

For that reason, a reliable bookmaker such as is a must. Check out the license and security details of the bookmaker once you open the site. When you make sure everything is good here, you are free to proceed.

Register and Make Your First Deposit

Now, you can click on the “Sign Up” or “Register” button the bookie has, and you can go over the short sign-up procedure.

It does not last more than a couple of minutes, given that you provide the necessary details correctly. Keep in mind that you might also need to verify your account for security purposes. 

Finally, once that is complete, you are free to make your first deposit. Remember that different bookmakers have different minimum deposit limits. Choose your preferred payment method and make a deposit, it should be instant.

Claim The Welcome Bonus and Make Your First Bet

All reputable bookmakers in the online sports betting world make sure to reward all newly registered players with a nice sign-up bonus.

It may be a free bet or a deposit match bonus – it depends on the bookie in question. You need to read the welcome bonus terms and conditions, and if you are okay with them, proceed with claiming the package.

Now, head to the Rugby Union section of the site and the fun can begin. Choose an event and a betting market for your first bet, and let the party start!

Withdraw Your Winnings

This is the last step of your betting journey. Hopefully, you will secure a win early on when betting on the Rugby Union, after which it will be time to make your first withdrawal.

All bookmakers have a similar process here:

  • Log in to your account
  • Head to the Cashier section
  • Choose a payment method (it needs to be the same one you used for deposits)
  • Choose the amount to withdraw
  • Confirm the transaction

Finally, as you would expect, different operators may have different withdrawal limits, so you need to check in on the site’s general T&Cs.

Different Types of Rugby Union Bets

As is the case with the vast majority of sports at sites such as, betting on Rugby Union is divided into two categories:

  • Match betting
  • Tournament betting

Of course, the first one suggests you need to make short-term bets, while the latter stipulates the opposite. Let’s check them in more detail.

Match Betting

If you like the thrills of short-term betting, and you are good with everyday predictions about Rugby Union, then match betting is the right choice. There are plenty of betting options you have if you decide to bet on different matches, but here, we will cover the most common ones.

Match Result

We begin with the most simple and used bet for Rugby Union – a match bet. Here, you need to predict whether a team will win, lose or draw the game.

It is a very limited offer, but a match bet is ideal if you are completely new to the Rugby Union betting world. The favourites in the game will have smaller odds, and it is the opposite for the underdogs.

Handicap Bets

Handicap bets are also quite commonly used in Rugby Union betting. Once you gain a bit of experience, you will probably get bored with match bets, so you will look for something extra.

This is where handicap bets come in. These types of bets introduce a margin that the team you back need to overcome.

As an example, if you bet on the home team to win the game and the handicap market for them is -10, then for your bet to be a successful one, the home team needs to win by at least 11 points.

Winning Margin

A winning margin bet is very similar to a handicap bet. With it, you bet that one team will win the game by a certain number of points.

A key difference between the two types of bets for Rugby Union is that odds on a winning margin are often very higher than a handicap bet. It is riskier to place a winning margin bet than a handicap bet, but it means that the reward is bigger as well.

First Scoring Play

There are four possible ways to open the scoring in a Rugby Union game:

  • Try
  • Penalty try
  • Drop goal
  • Penalty

So, depending on the playing style the team has, it is always a nice idea to place this type of bet. It might be good to wait for which team kicks off the game before you place a bet, as the odds can vary depending on who has possession first.

First Try Scorer

Finally, we have a first-try scorer type of bet among the match betting types. If you decide on a first try scorer bet, you predict which player first scores a try, regardless of the time in the game when it takes place.

There are plenty of different variants for a first try scorer bet, including the first scorer in each half, his position on the field, the first scorer from each team, etc.

Tournament Bets

Now, let’s turn our attention to longer-term bets. Before the start of any important tournaments, bookmakers such as will offer plenty of interesting tournament bets.

If you are a patient punter who knows how to get a long-term prediction right, then these bets are ideal for you. Let’s see some of the most popular series or tournament bets.

Tournament Winners

Once again, we start with a very simple type of bet you can place in Rugby Union. This is a simple backing on a team you think will win the competition.

The margin of Victory in a Tournament

We go one step further with this type of bet, as here you will need to predict the complete result of the tournament.

As an example, if the game you are looking at is a three-match test series, you need to predict which team will win how many of those three games.

Top Scorer in the Tournament

The name here is pretty self-explanatory. With this type of bet, you will need to choose one player to score the most points.

There are always favourites and underdogs for a top scorer, but the Rugby Union history is no short of a surprise when it comes to scorers.

Top Try Scorers in a Tournament

Finally, one of the most commonly used bet types for Rugby Union is the top try scorer in a certain tournament.

Unlike the previous type of a bet, the top try scorer implies that only tries are what matters for you to have a winning bet.

Strategies for Rugby Union Betting

Knowing the types of bets for Rugby Union is terrific, but you also need to have certain strategies in place to enhance your odds of winning.

You need to place any sports bet wager with an organized plan, so let’s check out what we suggest when it comes to tips and strategies for Rugby Union betting.

Do Your Research on Teams

Of course, you need to know which team you put your wager on. You cannot just blindly place real money bets on a team before you check out their history, standings, etc.

Surprises happen, sure, but most often, favourites are the ones emerging victorious in the most important games and tournaments.

Check the Weather

This is something that is often overlooked by punters. To put it simply – bad weather can have a big influence on a Rugby Union match.

If it rains, the ball becomes difficult to handle, so the game may end up being a low-scoring one, even when two attacking teams play each other.

Look at the Team News

If a team plays without a certain key player, then it might have a big influence on the outcome of the game.

This especially goes for playmakers, as they are very important for any Rugby team. Even if no players are injured and the manager makes a lot of changes, it can also have an unsettling impact on the result.

Know When Form is Important

There are certain tournaments when teams play every week, and with these games, form is crucial. Momentum is what keeps teams going in consecutive games, so you need to have that in mind.

However, with international games, the form may not play such a crucial role. There can sometimes be months between series, so the form of the nation doesn’t mean it will carry from one tournament to another.


Well, overall, wagering on Rugby Union is very exciting, given that there are more than enough events that will keep you occupied during the sporting season.

You probably are now more confident than before to start wagering on the Rugby Union, so make sure to check out the offer for the Rugby Union and start your betting adventure!


How can I start betting on Rugby Union?

Beginning your betting adventure on Rugby Union is a very simple process. All you need to do at the beginning is find a reputable bookmaker that has a rich Rugby Union bet offer, and you are ready to get started.

What types of bets can I make on Rugby Union games?

You can choose from two categories of bet types: tournament and match bets. There are various bet types in each category, so it all boils down to your preferences.

How can I win with my Rugby Union bets?

There is no winning formula that will guarantee you profit with your Rugby Union bets. However, you will be wise to implement our general guidelines and strategies above to boost your odds of winning.