The Complete Guide to La Liga Betting

The Spanish La Liga, officially called the Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División, is a professional league for association soccer in Spain. The league’s history can be traced back to 1929, and it was founded with 10 teams, including Athletic Club, Barcelona, and Real Madrid. But over the years, more teams were added to the league, which now features 20 clubs in the regular season.

Since the inception of the Spanish La Liga, 64 teams have competed in the league. Of these teams, Real Madrid has won it the most (35 times), followed by Barcelona (26 times). A typical La Liga season starts in mid-August and ends in early June the following year.

If you are a fan of La Liga, you will be happy to learn that you can bet on the league. Several online bookmakers offer La Liga betting, and you can take advantage of their odds and markets. This comprehensive article will discuss everything you should know about La Liga betting, including the odds, markets, bonuses, and so on. We will also give you an insight into some of the essential aspects to consider when choosing the best La Liga betting sites. So for all that and more, keep reading.

Understanding How La Liga Works

Before betting on La Liga, you should learn how the league works. As mentioned in the introductory section, Spanish La Liga is currently played by 20 teams. Every season, each team in the league plays a total of 38 matches in a home-and-away format. The team that ends the season first on the league table wins the much-coveted La Liga trophy.

Besides that, the first four teams on the table after the end of the league’s season qualify for the UEFA Champions League spot, while the club in fifth place goes to the Europa League. That’s not all. The sixth team advances to the Europa League qualifying round. However, note that this option may change from time to time based on the league’s coefficient according to UEFA and other factors.

Still discussing the team placements in La Liga, the last three teams on the table at the end of the season are relegated to the Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Segunda División, also called the La Liga Smartbank, for sponsorship reasons. Meanwhile, the top two teams in the Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Segunda División get promoted to the Primera División, and the third through sixth teams play in the promotion playoff to determine the remaining team to promote.

How to Bet on the La Liga

Betting on Spanish La Liga Santander is straightforward. However, if you are a newbie, the entire process can initially seem overwhelming. In this section, we have simplified the process and will take you through the steps involved in betting on the Spanish La Liga.

Choose a La Liga Sports Betting Site

If you wish to bet on the Spanish La Liga, you must first choose an online bookmaker that offers La Liga betting. Thankfully, many are online, but if you want the best experience, you can use First, create an account with the sportsbook by filling out the registration form with details like your name, email address, and phone number.

Fund Your Betting Account

After registering an account with your preferred sports betting site, the next step is to fund the account. If you play at a top online casino, you should have access to a wide range of banking options for deposits. Go to your “My Account” section and click the “Deposit” button. This should take you to the list of all available deposit methods. Choose your preferred deposit option, follow the instructions, and approve the payment.

Bet on La Liga

With money in your betting account, click on the Sports tab of your betting site and choose soccer. This should load a list of countries and leagues, and you can choose Spain as your country and La Liga Santander as the league. After that, you can select the La Liga game(s) you want to bet on and select your preferred markets to fill out your betting slip. 

Place Your Bet

After selecting your predictions to fill the betting slip, choose the bet type, whether accumulators, single bets, or round robins. Once you do that, you can enter the amount you want to wager according to the bookmaker’s limits. This should display the potential returns. And if you are satisfied with everything, you can submit the bet. Finally, with the bet placed, you should see the slip in your bet history to follow the outcome.

La Liga Sports Betting Odds

The odds in La Liga work the same way as in other leagues or sports. The odds that a bookmaker offers determine your potential winnings. This is because the odds of a bet are multiplied by the wager amount to determine the potential payout. For instance, if you bet $100 on a La Liga game with odds of 1.80, you can expect a potential return of $180 ($100 x 1.8).

From the explanation of the meaning of La Liga odds above, it is evident that any player who wants to enjoy the best La Liga betting experience should play at the best online bookie that offers competitive odds, like One of the good things about top bookmakers is that they offer boosted odds for some of their La Liga games. Boosted or enhanced odds mean that you will enjoy slightly higher odds than the standard game odds, which can give you a chance to win more money.

La Liga Betting Markets

Many betting markets are available for La Liga betting at the best online bookmakers. A betting market is a prediction you can place, and each market has its own La Liga odds. This section will discuss some of the most popular La Liga betting markets you can bet on. 

La Liga Match-Winner

Every La Liga sports betting site offers this type of market. In a match-winner market, you are simply betting on the team winning a game. For instance, in an El Clasico game between Real Madrid and Barcelona, you can bet on Real Madrid winning or Barcelona winning. A third option is also available, where you bet on the outcome of the game to end in a tie (draw). Match-winner betting is one of the most common La Liga markets that punters consider, especially when a favorite team is playing against an underdog.

La Liga Under/Over Totals

This betting market is available for most La Liga games and involves betting on the total number of occurrences of a particular event to be under or over a specified value. For instance, you can bet on the total number of goals to be over 2.5. So if both teams in the La Liga match you bet on score at least three goals, you win the bet. Apart from total goals, many top online bookies also offer total cards, corners, booking points, and so on.

Handicap Betting in La Liga

You can also place handicap bets in La Liga. This betting market involves betting on a positive or negative advantage that a bookie gives a team. For instance, if Sevilla is playing Cádiz in a La Liga game, and you bet on Cádiz to win with a +2 handicap, your bet will win even if the team loses by a 1-goal difference. The idea behind handicaps is to give a team some goals (positive handicaps) or remove some goals (negative handicaps) before the start of the game.

La Liga Correct Score

When you play at the best online sports betting site, you can bet on La Liga correct scores. For this market, you are simply wagering money on the scoreline of a La Liga game after the regular 90-minute playing time. This market offers relatively high odds, meaning you can expect higher potential payouts. But as you may have guessed, La Liga’s correct scores can be more tricky to predict. You can bet on correct scores in the first and second half of a game at some bookmakers.

Proposition Betting in La Liga

This refers to a group of special markets that do not entirely depend on the overall outcome of a La Liga game. There are two main types of proposition bets in La Liga or any other sport—team props and player props. With the team props, you will find options like the first team to score, time to score, and so on. However, options like the player winning “man of the match,” a player scoring a goal, and so on are available for player props.

La Liga Accumulators

Also called parlays, an accumulator bet is a betting option, not a market. You can combine multiple La Liga games into a single bet slip with this option. The advantage is that the odds of each event in the bet slip will be multiplied together, which can lead to massive potential payouts. However, if one of the events in a La Liga accumulator loses, the entire bet loses. The only exclusion is if you use insurance on the bet, and this feature is not available at every sports betting site. With insurance, you will get paid winnings even if one game loses in your La Liga accumulator ticket. 

La Liga Futures/Outright Betting 

The best online sports betting sites offer punters futures betting on Spanish La Liga. With futures betting, you are betting on an outcome that will be determined much later in the future. For example, at the start of a new season, some top bookies can offer La Liga winner odds, where you can bet on the team to win the league. You can also bet on which teams will qualify for the UEFA Champions League and which teams will be relegated.

It is worth pointing out that futures or outright betting odds may fluctuate as the season progresses and bookies have a clearer view of the possibility of an occurrence. Nevertheless, if you take advantage of La Liga futures odds early on, you can get massive potential returns.

La Liga Winner Odds

Since the inception of La Liga in 1929, nine teams have had the honor of being crowned champions. The first edition of the league saw Barcelona as the champion, and the team proceeded to win a total of 26 Spanish La Liga titles. Real Madrid has the highest number of La Liga titles, having won the league 35 times. The Los Blancos won the league five times consecutively, from the 1960–61 season to the 1964–65 season.

If you are interested in betting on the La Liga winner odds, you can do so at top online bookmakers like

Pre-match vs Live Betting in Spanish La Liga

Like every sports and soccer competition, you can bet on the Spanish La Liga as a pre-match or live (in-play) bet. But what are the differences between these two forms of betting? With pre-match betting, you are staking on a match before it kicks off. And the good thing about pre-match betting is that you can enjoy higher default odds and margins early on. This is because as game time draws near, it is common to see the odds fluctuate based on the latest information available to bookies. However, pre-match betting has drawbacks. And one major drawback is that you cannot factor in what may happen seconds or minutes before the match, such as the injury of a star player, weather, and so on.

The second form of La Liga betting is live betting, which involves wagering on a game that is currently in play. Some punters prefer this option, as they can make decisions based on the current occurrences in the game. However, one drawback of live betting is that the odds fluctuate significantly, and some markets may not be available. Nevertheless, it is common to see special markets like “team to score the next goal” in live betting options. 

Some online sportsbooks offer live streaming services to complement La Liga live betting. This means you can watch La Liga matches on their platforms right from your desktop computer or mobile device. This can be a great way to stay up-to-date with your La Liga bets and follow up with your favorite teams. However, online bookmakers that do not offer live streaming usually have a statistics panel where punters can follow the live scores and other details.

La Liga Betting Bonuses and Promotions

You can claim many types of La Liga betting bonuses from the best online bookmakers. Bonuses are freebies that boost players’ bankrolls, thus letting them place more bets without risking too much of their money. Generally, you can claim two categories of La Liga bonuses—deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses. 

Deposit bonuses refer to sports promotions claimable after making a minimum qualifying deposit. No-deposit bonuses, on the other hand, are offers that can be claimed without making a deposit. They are offered for free and are considered by many to be the best La Liga sports betting bonuses. 

This section will explain some common La Liga promotions you can claim at the top online sports betting sites like

Welcome Bonuses

This is one of the most common bonuses you can claim at La Liga betting sites. They are exclusive to only new players and can be offered as a deposit or no-deposit bonus. Online bookmakers that offer welcome bonuses do so to welcome new players on their platform and encourage them to bet. 

Free Bets

A La Liga sports free bet is a bonus where a bookie offers a percentage of the amount you wager as a bonus. For instance, some online bookies offer new players a 100% free bet on their first wager. So if you wager $20 on the specified games and odds, you will get an extra $20 whether your wager wins or loses. 

Risk-Free Bets

This is quite similar to free bets. However, the difference is that you will only get the bonus if your original wager loses. The percentage of the risk-free bet you can get will be specified in the bonus instructions, and it typically varies from 50% to 100%. A risk-free bet is a form of insurance bonus. 

Match Bonuses

Some La Liga betting sites offer match bonuses where players will get a percentage of their deposit as a bonus. For example, a bookie can offer new players a 100% match bonus on their first deposit. So if you deposit $100 in this example, you will get $100 in bonus credits. However, note that there is usually a limit to the bonus amount. 

Cashback Bonuses

This La Liga betting bonus gives players a chance to recoup their losses. In cashback bonuses, an online sports betting site offers players a percentage of their losses within a specific duration as a bonus. For instance, a bookie can offer players a 10% cashback bonus on their weekly losses. So if a player loses $1,000 in a previous week, they can claim $100 as a cashback bonus.

VIP/Loyalty Rewards

Being a loyal player with a top La Liga betting site can be rewarding. This is because some operators have a VIP or loyalty reward program where members can enjoy special perks like exclusive bonuses, invitations to VIP events, dedicated account managers, faster withdrawals, and so on. In some cases, loyalty club members can earn points for playing real-money games. They can accumulate these points and trade them for bonuses.

Before you claim any La Liga betting bonus, we recommend you read through the applicable terms and conditions. For example, most bonuses have rollover requirements that specify how many times you must bet them to keep the winnings. Likewise, it is common for online bookies to specify qualifying odds or games you can bet with their bonuses.

Factors to Consider When Betting on La Liga

Whether you are new to La Liga betting or familiar with how the league works, you should consider some important factors when predicting La Liga outcomes. First, however, note that La Liga betting, like every form of gambling, has an element of risk. So ensure that you only bet with money you can afford to lose and avoid chasing a losing streak.

With that in mind, here are some important factors to consider when betting on La Liga:

  • Check the head-to-head statistics of La Liga games.
  • Consider the rivalry between the teams playing.
  • Factors in the current form, such as winning and losing streaks
  • Check team news like injury reports, transfer updates and so on
  • Although negligible, consider the home and away factor.
  • Consider the importance of the games to the teams involved.
  • Don’t bet based on emotion.

When you apply these factors, you will minimize your risks while betting on La Liga.

La Liga Betting Tips and Predictions

While it is always best to analyze the La Liga games you want to bet on, you can also use La Liga betting predictions from tipsters. However, only use these predictions to see if they align with yours, and remember that no tipster can guarantee a 100% success rate. You can find La Liga betting tips and predictions on many websites, but it is left to you to decide which one to use. Besides that, these predictions may be offered for free or for a fee. However, we advise you to avoid spending too much money on La Liga tips and predictions.


We’ve discussed all the essential things you should know about La Liga betting. La Liga Santander, founded in 1929, is one of the most popular soccer leagues in the world. You can bet on the league at top online bookmakers and enjoy the best experience. But remember, there are different types of La Liga betting markets, such as match winner, totals under/over, both teams to score, and so on. So get familiar with these markets to know how they work.

Likewise, ensure you do proper game analysis before betting on any La Liga game. And whenever possible, you can use sports betting bonuses like welcome bonuses, free bets, and risk-free bets to your advantage.


When does the Spanish La Liga start?

A typical season of La Liga starts in mid-August and ends in early June of the following year.

How many teams play in La Liga?

Twenty teams play in the La Liga season. Each team plays 38 games in a home-and-away fashion, and whoever is in the first position at the end of the season wins the league. 

Can I bet on La Liga?

Yes. You can bet on Spanish La Liga at many online sports betting sites, including

Can I claim La Liga betting bonuses?

The best online bookmakers offer La Liga betting bonuses like welcome bonuses, match bonuses, free bets, and so on. However, be aware that bookies offering these bonuses often have terms and conditions to meet.