E-football Bets – Everything You Need to Know

We already know that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the entire world, and every fan will tell you that nothing replaces the feeling of a last-minute winner.

So, the popularity of the sport was so great that game provider companies decided to create an alternative—e-football. Virtual soccer games are a great replica of soccer itself, and they allow people to choose their favorite teams and play against each other, individually, in doubles, in teams, or however they wish.

The rules of e-football games don’t differ from normal soccer, but there are some differences when you bet on them. E-football games are significantly shorter, so punters know within minutes whether they have a successful bet or not.

With all that in mind, if you were thinking about starting your e-football betting journey, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Brief History of E-Football

E-football as such does not have a long history like the sport of soccer itself, but it is a very fast-growing one. e-Sports in general can be traced back to 1972, when the first home consoles were introduced, but e-football was developed a bit later.

The first e-football games are known to have hit the market in the 1990s, with games such as FIFA and PES being the ones that have endured the test of time to this day.

Nowadays, there are tons of e-football games, even though the industry has developed massively in the past decade. According to some estimations, there are more than 40 million active players in the world, which speaks volumes about its popularity.

E-football Rules and Gameplay

You will be happy to know that e-football and soccer rules do not differ much. This is one of the main reasons why games such as FIFA are best-sellers in the industry.

Just as is the case with other esports games such as Dota 2 and LOL, players enjoying e-football games compete against each other to see who wins the game. The outcome of the game is decided by playing on a console or PC.

However, as mentioned above, the main difference between virtual and real soccer is that virtual games are much shorter. They usually last up to 8 minutes, with all the other rules intact.

E-football in the USA and Around the World

It is very difficult to determine the exact markets where e-football is most popular. There are various e-football games being released all the time, with PES (now known as eFootball) and FIFA being the best-sellers.

Even though e-sports are booming in popularity in the USA, we can probably say that Europe is the main market for e-football games.

This is due to the very nature of the sport – soccer itself is widely regarded as the number one sport in Europe, with basketball, American football, and golf probably dominating in the USA.

However, this doesn’t mean that there is no fan base for e-football in the USA. As mentioned, the entire industry is fast-growing, so we completely expect it to reach new popularity levels in the coming years.

E-football Odds

One of the basic things you need to know before you start wagering on e-football events is how the odds work exactly.

Thankfully, this is not rocket science at all, but there are a few things that you need to remember. There are different types of odds that you can encounter, depending on which bookmaker you register with.

Even though they are displayed differently, at the end of the day, they all mean and show the same thing. Let’s take a look.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are also known as British odds, and they are very popular among UK online betting sites. You can find them written with a slash, and they are quite simple to understand.

As an example, if you wager on odds of 6/1, that would mean that you will win $6 for every $1 you wager on an e-football event.

Decimal Odds

Moving on, we have decimal or European odds, which are popular in continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

These odds are a bit easier to understand than the previously mentioned ones. Here, favorites and underdogs are indicated by a number. So, decimal odds represent the amount you will win for every $1 you wager.

As an example, if the odds for a certain FIFA team are 1.3, this means that you can win $1.3 for every $1 you wager. The lower the odds, the bigger the favorite is.

American Odds

Lastly, we have American or Moneyline odds, which are popular in the USA. Here, favorites get a minus sign before the number, and that number indicates how much you need to wager to win $100.

Underdog odds, on the other hand, have a positive sign in front, and they work the same way as the favorite odds.

Popular E-football Betting Types

All reputable e-football betting platforms will never leave you short of options when you want to place a wager. There are countless betting types you can take full advantage of, depending on your expertise level. Let’s check out the most common ones.

Match Result

Let’s begin with the simplest of them all – match results. As is the case with all major sports, including football, basketball, NLF, and co., you can place a home win, an away win, or a draw bet on e-football events. With it, you just back a team (a persona with the console) to win a game or for it to finish a draw.

Double Chance

Up next, we have double chance betting, which is a bit safer than the above-mentioned match result bet. With it, you can choose 2 possible outcomes out of 3, thus increasing your chance of landing a win.

As an example, you can place a wager on a team to win or the game to finish in a draw, but keep in mind that the odds here will be much smaller.

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap is one of the most popular bets in e-football games. There is always a favorite in every game you wish to bet on, and Asian handicap bets will help you potentially increase your payouts by betting on the favorite to win by a bigger margin. The margin itself depends on the bookie in question.


Over/under bets are also among the most popular bet types in e-football events. With this type of bet, you can bet on the number of goals in a specific game, whether it is over or under a number set by the bookmaker.

Besides wagering on the goals, you can also place bets on the number of yellow cards, corners, substitutions, etc.

Correct Score

Moving on, we have a betting type for the most adventurous e-football fans – correct score. As the name itself suggests, it will allow you to predict the exact outcome of a certain e-football game.

As you can imagine, the likelihood for this type of bet to be successful is not great, but the odds are quite high, so the potential payout is also handsome.


HT-FT bets are next on our list here, and they are one of the most popular among experienced punters. Here, you need to predict what the outcome of the first half will be, and then the same for full-time. Of course, the odds are higher than the match result bets, but the payouts increase as well.

Live Betting

Lastly, we have live betting, which is surely gaining pace in the e-football community. With live bets, you can place wagers on e-football events as they take place, with fast-paced action and changing odds being the main highlights .

Major E-football Tournaments

E-football betting is worth nothing if there are no major tournaments for you to bet on. Thankfully, there are more than enough options for you to try out any of the above-mentioned betting types.

There are tons of international and high-profile tournaments that take place around the world throughout the year. There are numerous prestigious tournaments, including the likes of:

  • FIFAe World Cup
  • FIFAe Nations Cup
  • FIFAe Global Series
  • FIFAe Continental Cup

Alongside these special events, there are also numerous high-profile tournaments that are based on soccer competitions themselves:

  • EChampions League
  • eLa Liga
  • Virtual Bundesliga
  • ePremier League

There are also new tournaments, such as the eSoccer Live Arena. It has 10-minute games at a time, with each tournament having 5 players. Everyone plays against each other twice.

Lastly, there is the eSoccer Liga Pro that takes place three times a day with 12-minute matches. There is a group system, followed by semifinals, finals, and a match for third place.

E-football Betting Tips

There is no winning strategy that will guarantee you a win, no matter which e-football competition you choose to wager on. However, we at betting.io can recommend some betting tips that will help you boost your chances of landing a win:

  • Knowing the competition – time control here is the vital part. Shorter matches can bring a random result, while longer matches allow favorites to display their skillset;
  • E-football is a new sport – even though it has the same rules as soccer, betting on e-football has various other aspects you need to consider, such as the players that control the teams;
  • Focus on the players – closely connected to the previous one, players are the ones holding the consoles, it doesn’t matter which team has the better quality;
  • Watch games – always do your research on players and see how they perform against each other or in the same competition before that;
  • Follow the gaming community – by following all news and trends in e-football, you will make much more informed bets.

How To Bet On E-football

There is no complicated procedure that you need to follow when thinking about starting your e-football betting journey. You can always follow our beginner’s guide, which will guide you through your entire betting journey, but the guide below is a good starting point for all newbies.

Find a Licensed E-football Bookie

E-football betting should always be a fun and safe pastime activity, nothing more. So, the bare minimum needed for that is a reputable and licensed online bookmaker. Look for bookies that have a valid license from the MGA, UKGC, Curacao, or other licenses.


Now that you know the bookmaker is reliable, you can proceed with the short registration process. There will be a Sign-Up or Register button on the homepage that you need to click, and you will be redirected to a page where you’ll have to fill out a form containing personal information.


A vital step for you to start your e-football betting journey is choosing a payment method and making your first deposit. Keep in mind that different e-football bookies have different minimum deposit rates and payment methods.

Start Betting

Your e-football betting adventure can now truly begin. Scroll down the e-football betting offer the bookie has, see which betting markets you have at your disposal, and place your wager. Thankfully, there are always enough e-football events to keep you entertained.

Most Common E-football Betting Mistakes

Part of developing a betting strategy is knowing which things to avoid. So, for you to enjoy a good e-football betting experience, we would recommend you avoid the following mistakes:

  • Betting with your heart – you may have a favorite player, and even though you are always tempted to back them, don’t allow emotions to overcome your judgment. Always wager based on facts;
  • Chasing losses – if you encounter a bad e-football betting period, call it a day, there is always tomorrow;
  • Bet more than you can afford – always set a budget for e-football bets and never step out of it;
  • Always choosing favorites – as mentioned above, there are certain events that produce unlikely results, so not always favorites win in e-football.

Is it Safe to Bet on E-football?

Here, once again, the golden rule of online sports betting takes center stage – reputable and licensed operators. What we mean by this is that if you register and play at reputable e-football bookies, you have nothing to worry about in terms of your safety.


Which is the best e-football tournament to bet on?

There are various e-football tournaments that you can place a wager on, so it is difficult to determine the best one. The eSoccer Live Arena and the eSoccer Liga Pro are some of the options at your disposal.

Where can I bet on e-football?

Thankfully, all licensed operators in any jurisdiction in the world offer various e-football betting markets for all popular tournaments.

What is the best e-football betting strategy?

There is no winning strategy for e-football, but following the basics, such as wagering within your wallet size, doing research, and understanding the tournaments, is the minimum you need to do.