Cycling Betting

Cycling might not be as popular as some other similar sports like motorsports, but it still attracts millions of fans from all around the world. Watching cycling races is super entertaining, as there are many ups and downs that cause unexpected occurrences. However, these events aren’t only popular among regular fans.

Many bettors are interested in wagering on cycling events. Some are betting on the absolute favorites, while others chase unexpected winners. In this article, you will read all about cycling and betting on this super enjoyable sport. 

Brief History of Cycling

Cycling became a regular activity not long after the appearance of the first bicycles in the 19th century. The first ever documented cycling race took place at the Park of Saint-Cloud, Paris, on May 31, 1868. It featured a race track of 1,200 meters.

An Englishman named James Moore managed to win the race by riding a bicycle with solid rubber tires. The Paris-Rouen race was the first-ever cycling race that covered the distance between two cities.

It was 123 kilometers long, and the cyclist to finish on top was once again James Moore. It took him 10 hours and 40 minutes to complete the race.

The first recorded cycling race in the US took place on May 24, 1878. They also organized cycling events that lasted for 6 days. You should also know that the oldest bicycle racing club in the US is the St. Louis Cycling Club. 

It has operated without stopping since 1887. Since the beginning, this club has made sure to sponsor races and timed distance events. Many of its members are Olympic and national championship winners.

With the improvement of road conditions in Europe in the 1890s came the first modern cycling races. The first ones were in France and Belgium, and then Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands followed. 

Cycling Rules

There are many cycling rules in the book, and they differ from one race to the next. Here, we will mention only the essential ones that feature in almost every cycling event.

First of all, there are race course rules that every rider must know about and follow throughout the race. The exact route and length of the race course vary depending on the race type.

The bike gearing rules indicate that the riders must check their gears before the start of the event. There are rules about the positioning of the riders before the start and during the race. They must not lose contact with their hands on the handlebar. The chief judge penalizes those who don’t obey this rule.

During a road race, an individual rider can ride a bike at 110 km/h. When in crosswinds and descending positions, they can maintain a speed that goes between 60 and 80 km/h.

The last rule that you should know is about the finish of a race. A rider will finish the race when the front tip of their bike crosses over the finish line. There is a cycle judge that keeps track of the rankings in order.

Difference Between Road Cycling and Mountain Cycling

There are several differences between road and mountain cycling that you should know about. The first one is obvious, as it is about the terrain. Road cycling is much smoother, as the conditions of the terrain are usually excellent without any climbs. 

Mountain cycling on the other hand, features off-road terrain where you need additional bike handling skills. You must keep your focus on the next obstacle, as there are many steep climbs and rocks on the roads.

During road cycling, you can travel greater distances at top speed, while during mountain cycling, the pace is much lower. 

The bikes that you can use in both cycling styles are another major difference. Road bikes have short frames, steep heads, narrow drop handlebars, and smaller and narrower tires. On the other hand, mountain bikes feature wider handlebars, bigger types with larger knobs, disc brakes, etc.

Popular Cycling Betting Markets

There are many betting markets that you can use when wagering on cycling events. They vary from one sportsbook to another, but the most popular ones are usually available at any betting site.

Each betting market is unique as it offers different ways of wagering on a cycling race. You should also know that the odds aren’t the same in each betting market. Below, we will reveal the most popular cycling betting options that you can use.

Individual Race Winner

The individual race winner is possibly the most popular cycling betting market at any sports betting site. It is a very straightforward type of bet, as you wager on the rider that you think will win the race. If they do end up winning the cycling race, then you will earn a payout.

However, there are some events that feature on-off races where several individual races contribute to the end result. In such cycling events, you will find out about the winner in one day.

Team Race Winner

There are cycling events where teams compete against other teams. Fans are usually interested in the individual winners, but who they ride with can determine their competitiveness.

At some cycling events, you will find separate races where teams compete based on their overall results. You can use the team race winner bet to predict the winner of such a competition.

Best Climber

On some cycling tours, you will notice that the course goes over a mountain. These types of races require an enormous level of fitness and experience, as they are very demanding.

Betting on the best climber means that you are wagering on a rider to score the most points in the climbing category. The one that goes on top gets the nickname “King of the Mountains”.

Race Leader

There are some cycling races that take several days or weeks to determine the winners. For that reason, the top bookmakers include the race leader bet in their offers.

This betting market allows you to place a bet on who will hold the jersey after a certain stage. It doesn’t matter whether they end up winning the whole race or not.

Sprint Rider

As we’ve mentioned before, there are several disciplines in a cycling competition. They are both individuals and represent the overall cycling championship.

Usually, there is a sprint session during the most popular cycling events. With the sprint rider bet, you predict which rider will win the sprint stage of the race.

Live Betting Experience

Betting on cycling races gives bettors many advantages that do not feature in the traditional way of betting. A lot can happen during a race, as the daily cycling events take up to a few hours to finish.

You cannot be fully certain about the outcome of a race before it starts. However, when the race begins, there are certain occurrences that might help you predict the winner. Also, there are changes in the weather and terrain that you cannot be aware of before the start. Riders might fall, pick up an injury, or simply miss the route.

This is where live betting is most useful. It allows you to see how things are evolving before deciding which betting option to use. Unfortunately, some betting markets aren’t available after the event starts. Yet, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Many bettors believe that the live betting experience is much better than pre-race wagering. Although some of the odds may drop during the race, it is still better to make some profit than lose a bet.

Top Cycling Events

On the international cycling calendar, you will come across many events. They take place in different countries all around the world on certain dates.

Some of them are demanding, while others tend to attract a lot more fans on the racing route. The most reputable cycling events in the world are:

  • Tour de France
  • UCI Cycling World Championships
  • Olympic Games Cycling
  • World Road Championships
  • World Track Championships
  • Commonwealth Games Cycling
  • Giro d’Italia
  • La Vuelta a Espana
  • Tour Down Under

Cycling Betting Tips

Betting on cycling might look tough at first if you aren’t familiar with the basic betting strategies. For that reason, we’ve put together a few tips as a way to help you out with your cycling betting journey. Here are some of the things that you should know about:

  • Make thorough research about the cycling races before placing a bet
  • Inform yourself about the weather conditions
  • Set a budget limit and stick to it
  • Make use of the live betting option, as it can help you in many ways
  • Find a reputable sportsbook that offers the best odds
  • Avoid placing too many exotic bets

How to Bet on Cycling

Betting on cycling isn’t a hard thing to do as long as you understand the basics of online betting. If you are new, then don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered. Below, you will find a step-by-step guide that can help you understand the basis of cycling betting.

Find a Reputable Sports Betting Site

There are plenty of sportsbooks on the market, but some of them aren’t worth wagering at. Also, some don’t even feature cycling betting in their offer. 

Make sure to find a licensed bookmaker that has a cycling category among its available sports. Feel free to check out our list of the best bookmakers since we review them in detail before featuring any brand here.

Register and Verify Your Account

After that, you will need to register a betting account in order to place real money bets on cycling races. The whole process is very straightforward and won’t take long to finish.

Then, the operator will ask for a picture of verification documents such as an ID, driver’s license, passport, or utility bill. You wouldn’t be able to withdraw any funds before you complete this process.

Make a Deposit and Access the Sports Section

To place a cycling bet, you will need funds in your betting account. Access the sportsbook’s official site and go to the cashier section. There, click or tap on the deposit tab. 

Then choose a payment method and enter the sum that you want to deposit. Next, you will need to access the sports section and choose cycling from the menu.

Choose a Cycling Event and Betting Market

The next step is to determine which cycling event you would like to wager on. You will usually find the most popular competitions as an option, depending on the date.

Next up, you will need to decide on the betting market for your wager. Explore all of them and use the one that catches your fancy. Make sure to conduct research about the race before you place the bet.

Confirm the Bet and Wait for the Outcome

Lastly, to conclude the bet, you must click or tap on the confirm button. Before that, make sure to choose the wager amount that best suits your budget.

After placing your bet, all that you need to do now is sit back and enjoy the race. You can make a withdrawal if you manage to win your bet.

Is It Safe to Bet on Cycling?

Yes, it’s very safe to bet on cycling, as long as you wager at a legit sports betting site. Every sportsbook that holds a valid gaming license from a well-known regulator has a safe online gambling platform.

The regulators make sure that the operator is obeying the strict rules and following the latest industry standards. One of the most important ones is utilizing the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology. It encrypts all the data that you reveal on the platform and keeps it out of the hands of unwanted third parties.


What betting markets can I use on cycling events?

You can use numerous betting markets on cycling events, such as individual race winners, team race winners, the best climber, sprint rider, race leader, best young rider, etc.

What is the best cycling event to bet on?

There are many good cycling events that you can wager on. However, the most popular one is Tour de France.

Can I place live bets on cycling?

Yes, you can place live bets on cycling at almost any reputable sports betting site. In fact, cycling is one of the best sports to place live bets on.