Betting Calculators Explained

Sports betting is a very unique, yet very popular activity that asks bettors to wager their money and guess the outcome/s of certain event/s. Of course, punters do this for the possible profits of a winning bet.

So, the industry has developed so much in recent years that there are now many interesting tools at players’ disposal.

One of those tools is a betting calculator. It can be very useful for bettors who seek to establish a quick, profitable strategy in the long-term betting process.

Moreover, sports betting can sometimes be complicated, especially if you put your money on more complex bets. Beginners might not always feel comfortable with those bets, so this is where betting calculators come in handy.

Thankfully, there are tons of betting calculators you can find online, but how exactly do they work? Let’s take a closer look at the essentials of a betting calculator.

Betting Calculators – The Legal Status

The first question that you might ask yourself here is whether betting calculators are legal in the online sports betting industry.

Well, we have some good news for you here—there are currently no laws and regulations that will limit the use of a free online betting calculator. You can use it with your bets at various reputable betting sites, such as

You only use betting calculators for analyzing different outcomes, converting odds, or checking how much you can potentially win from your bet.

For this reason, there is an acceptance in the online betting world that betting calculators can help you with your bankroll management without breaking any laws.

So, What Is a Betting Calculator?

Now that you know that you can freely use betting calculators for all your bets at, it is time to explain how exactly it works.

The logic behind betting calculators is very simple—they help you calculate the possible payout you can get from all your bets. Moreover, some calculators will also allow you to convert different odds formats into ones that you understand better.

Finally, arguably the best characteristic of a betting calculator is that you can use it to make a risk management plan that can increase your potential winnings.

All you need to do here is set a profit goal and try to reach it by using a betting calculator. You do that by calculating how much money you need to wager on each of your upcoming bets.

Betting calculators come in quite handy with complex betting systems that include several matches with different odds. It is much better to use a betting calculator rather than try to do all the hard work for yourself.

Different Types of Betting Calculators

As briefly mentioned above, there is not just one type of betting calculator you can use at betting sites such as If you seek a bit of assistance with your sports bets, the following are the betting calculators you can use:

  • Betting Odds Calculator: It allows you to input your wager and the odds in whatever format you wish (American, decimal, or fractional) to quickly calculate the potential payout.
  • Parlay Calculator: This type of betting calculator allows all users to input the odds for each leg of their parlay bet to calculate the potential payout.
  • Odds Value Calculator: An odds value calculator will let you see the value you can expect in return for the odds you put on your bet slip.
  • Betting Odds Converter: With this calculator, you can only convert the odds into your preferred format without calculating the potential payout.
  • Hedging Calculator: This calculator will show you how much profit you can make on your live bets. Just enter the bets and see how much you can win.
  • Sports Betting Hold Calculator: Here, you need to get familiar with the term “hold percentage.” It is the margin a sports betting site will take on both sides of the game, and by calculating it, you can see better what percentage of the time you need to be correct on that bet for long-term profits.
  • Sports Betting Spread to Moneyline Converter: Finally, this calculator allows you to see the expected moneyline for certain point spreads.

Benefits of Using a Betting Calculator

As you can imagine, there seem to be no negative sides to using a betting calculator. It is a nice helping hand with whatever bet you wish to make, so let’s see what the main benefits of a betting calculator are.

Detailed Analysis

First off, a betting calculator will help you see the expected profits for your bets. If you have such information, your chances of securing a more profitable long-term strategy are much higher.

Of course, nothing can help you get certain wins in sports betting, but a helping hand such as a betting calculator can boost your odds of securing a winning bet.

No Human Errors

After all, we all make mistakes, and it is more than possible to do so if you calculate everything by yourself in sports betting.

Therefore, a betting calculator will help you analyze your chances of winning for every bet you place. This way, there is no place for human error, so you will know exactly how much you can win.


Up next, a big benefit of a betting calculator is that it saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to manually do everything by yourself, whether converting odds formats or calculating payouts.

Just enter the data you wish to calculate and let the betting calculator do all the hard work. All betting calculators are pretty straightforward to use.

Risk vs. Rewards Ratio Balance

Some would say that the key to a good sports betting strategy is to find the right balance between the risk you take and the potential reward. You need to choose which games you can bet on that give you a better chance of coming out victorious.

With a betting calculator, you can simply input your profit goal, and it will tell you how much you need to wager on which odds to meet that goal.


Overall, we can conclude that a sports betting calculator is one of the handiest tools you can use at betting sites for every activity.

It can help you with your long-term strategy, which is essential with sports betting. So, now you know that for all your future bets at, you can always rely on any betting calculator to help you out.


Are betting calculators legal?

There is no legislation in online gambling jurisdictions that forbids the use of betting calculators, so nothing stops you from using one on your favorite sports betting site.

Is using betting calculators worth it?

Well, most of them are free to use, and they come in very handy in helping you calculate your potential winnings and the odds. So, we would say they are more than worth it.

Which is the best betting calculator?

There is no universal answer to which one is the best betting calculator. Thankfully, there are more than enough of them online that are completely free, so you can see which one matches your preferences and use it instantly.